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Favorite Women's Conference Quotes || Free Printables

I've been working on these printables of quotes from the General Women's Conference and wanted to share my favorites. I was so touched by the things these wonderful women shared during the conference. Their thoughtful words inspired me and helped me feel more gratitude for my role as a wife, mother, and daughter of God in serving those around me. I'm grateful to be a part of a church that values woman and the attributes that we carry. 

You can watch the talks here and watch the last session of conference with me live at


Light & Truth || Free Printables


The bishop of our ward issued a three week study challenge to all of the ward members.  It's purpose is to increase our personal conversion and testimony. We have been taking it slow, but it's been such a blessing to us. One of the resources we were asked to study was a talk given by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf called, Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth from the October 2014 LDS General Conference

He tells us how we can receive truth and light in our lives, in addition to how we can lose it. I want to share an excerpt that I found especially profound and made me reflect on my own quest for truth and light.

"The more we incline our hearts and minds toward God, the more heavenly light distills upon our souls. And each time we willingly and earnestly seek that light, we indicate to God our readiness to receive more light. Gradually, things that before seemed hazy, dark, and remote become clear, bright, and familiar to us.
By the same token, if we remove ourselves from the light of the gospel, our own light begins to dim—not in a day or a week but gradually over time—until we look back and can’t quite understand why we had ever believed the gospel was true. Our previous knowledge might even seem foolish to us because what once was so clear has again become blurred, hazy, and distant."

I found such insight in his words. I made these prints to be a reminder to me. I hope I can continue to seek out truth and light. I'm so grateful for the light of the gospel and the happiness it brings to my life. I hope you enjoy these prints and that they will help you to remember how one step into the light will always leads to more light. 

xo, Cheree

Favorite General Conference Quotes || Free Printables

It was so nice to unplug and be inspired throughout general conference this last weekend. It was just what my soul needed. These five quotes are just a few of the things the general authorities shared that touched my heart.

I was especially grateful for the short and simple words spoken by the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Thomas S. Monson during the Sunday Morning session. It was a message of encouragement to always choose the right. If you missed any of the sessions or are interested in watching these inspiring messages, you can view them all on

I love that through the spirit the words of the prophets, apostles and church leaders can speak right to our hearts in a very individual and personal way. What's amazing to me is that so many can be touched by the exact same phrase, but still get something completely different from it.  

I'm so grateful for my faith and the comfort it gives me on a daily basis. It's such a deep rooted part of my life and I hope it stays that way forever. I know that my belief in God and my Savior has blessed my life as I strive to be my best self. 

I hope that this blog helps others feel happy and inspired on a regular basis. That it encourages others to keep trying to be their best selves, in whatever way they think that is achieved. Regardless of faith, background, or differences. I hope that it encourages others to live what they believe and not be ashamed of it. If it brings you joy, share it with others! That's what I'll be trying to do my whole life long.

Now, here are the links to download each of my 8x10 printables. I hope you'll print them out, hang them up, and feel inspired all year long! And if you don't want to ever miss my other design freebies or posts, subscribe to my email list as well! 

Harder Right 8x10  |  See Temple 8x10  |  Restored 8x10  |  Heaven 8x10  |  Worthy 8x10

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and week so far! Thank you to all my readers for your support and community! I love the people I've been able to meet and associate with through this little blog of mine. Thank you! Thank you!


Choosing to Love Myself Challenge
Choosing to Love Myself Challenge || The Small Seed || ADOS

For those of you following me on IG, you know I've been participating in the challenge given by The Small Seed blog to make the choice every day for 18 days to LOVE MYSELF. That means, no negative self talk with daily challenges to help inspire and motivate me to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones! I can't believe how big of a blessing it has been in my life so far. 

I find it easier to love my body while pregnant, which I think is a blessing from my Heavenly Father in itself. However, I still question and doubt my abilities and potential. So I'm trying extra hard to work on believing more in myself throughout this challenge. To be confident, not only in my body which God gave me, but in my special spirit and it's untapped potential. I'm trying to avoid putting myself down and thinking I am not good enough to do the things I am passionate about. Loving myself is a choice, and I can make it every day! If I can make that a habit now, I know 'll be so much happier for the rest of my life!

It's not to late for you to join in with me! Click here to download your own challenge printables! Everyone deserves to be loved by themselves!


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Twisted Half Crown Hairstyle || Video Tutorial

If you saw my post about ROOLEE boutique, then you most likely saw this hairstyle. I loved it so much that I decided to do a tutorial! I have always loved styling hair, it's a true passion of mine. I'm so glad I get to share that with people through this blog! 

I'm also enjoy the time I spend away from the blog. When I go a while without posting it's because I'm enjoying the little moments with my little family that I'll never get back. This blog is an incredible outlet for me and I'm so glad I started it, but my family is my greatest joy. My true passion. We laugh together, struggle together, work together, play together, strive to be better together, cry together, pray together and drink shameful amounts of Oreo milkshakes together. I cherish my time with them so much.

I want to better myself for them. I'm trying to make our home a place of peace and comfort for them. To center our home around Christ. To invite His spirit daily there. I want that even more since our experience late Friday night. (Keep scrolling for a humbling mommy moment.)

At 2:30 a.m. I heard Turner screaming in distress. When I went to try and tuck him back in and console him, he would not calm down. I picked him up and he only cried harder. I changed his diaper hoping to ease his restlessness, but he was still inconsolable. When I went to put back on his pants he wouldn't let me. Assuming his stomach was aching, I left his pants off and picked him up once again to attempt to calm him. Still, nothing was working. I felt his head to see if he was fevering, but his head was cold and damp like his fever had broken. I looked desperately for the Tylenol and couldn't seem to find it anywhere.

I rushed into our bedroom to then seek consolation for my own distress. I hated that feeling of helplessness. Not being able to stop my son's tears from streaming was breaking me down inside. As we held him in between us in bed, I began to sob and ask Matthew what we should do. He immediately began to give him a priesthood blessing. While Turner's demeanor remained unchanged, I felt a peace and comfort wash over me. Matthew later told me he had felt the same thing. As soon as he was finished I felt my mind clarify. I instantly got up to find the medicine in its previously unknown place. Administered it to him and he took it willingly. Almost as if he knew it would ease his pain.

I felt impressed to distract him by watching his recent favorite movie, Finding Nemo. As soon as it began he stopped crying and laid down in a comfortable position. He had the biggest smile on his face and for the first time in 20 minutes a took a deep breath. After he seemed to be back to his old self, we took him gently to his bed and put him down with his stuffed mouse. He was humming himself back to sleep.

I went to bed and waited anxiously for his sweet humming to silence completely. When it did I said a humble prayer of gratitude. I knew it was priesthood power and the Holy Ghost that had given us the clarity to handle that situation.  

The next day, I noticed his bottom molars were almost all the way through. No wonder he had been so distraught! I was so glad I had been guided to help my son, even in something so trivial in the grand scheme of things. This experience was such a testimony of how God knows me. He knew that I needed to be able help Turner through that suffering. He knows me and loves me. 

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