Twisted Glam Chignon Tutorial

Twisted Glam Chignon Tutorial | Styled by Cheree | A Dash of Salter

On Monday I had the pleasure of styling my good friend Sheina's hair, and it was so much fun! She came over for photos and a style she won't be able to wear again for quite some time because she decided to chop it off into a pixie! I may or may not have talked her into doing it. *Insert monkey covering mouth emoji* Keep your eyes peeled for pixie styles next week! 

Can we just talk about how stunning this lady is? OH MY GOODNESS. Not to mention, the most genuine friend. You know, the kind that always supports you, texts you because they miss you, comes to you for advice, and always makes you laugh? That's her. I just love her and cherish our friendship so much. I'm so glad we met in college. 

Anyway, back to the hair talk. I styled my hair in this updo on Sunday and really liked how it turned out.  That's when I decided to do a photo tutorial for you guys! It's so much easier to take pictures of someone else than of yourself, but still difficult when you're the one styling and capturing.  How do the professionals do it? Here is the step by step process in photos followed by a more detailed description below.

Twisted Glam Chignon Tutorial | Styled by Cheree | A Dash of Salter


1. Start with somewhat dirty, curled hair. Separate the top half starting at the top of the ears and secure with a clip to get it out of the way. Take the bottom half and put it into a ponytail.

2. Part above the ponytail and pull the hair up through to make an upside down topsy tail. Back comb underneath it, tuck the ends under and back up through the same part you made originally, then wrap the ends underneath the bun. Pin the top and bottom of the bun to secure it, but leave the sides free until the end. 

3. Take one layer down and part it into two sections. Twist each section across and wrap under the bun, then secure with bobby pins.

4. Take the rest of the hair down and tease at the crown and the roots near the top of the forehead. Split it into two sections and twist across and underneath the bun. Secure with pins.

5.  Fan the chignon and pin on the left and right sides to cover any twisted ends and secure with bobby pins. Finish with hairspray and your done! Enjoy your glamorous style for a job interview or a fancy night out! 

Here are some more photos of the finished style. Leave me a comment on this post to let me know what you think!