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So...we haven't been keeping this a secret for long, but I'm sick and my energy is almost non-existent. It's already been very different, basically the opposite, than my first pregnancy. I'm breaking out ALL THE TIME. I've been super nauseous to the point I wish I would throw up, but I haven't yet. I crave candy and sweets all the time. Like donuts, I usually don't like them, but they sound incredible right now. The first person to bring me a dozen donuts is my new favorite person. Lastly, I'm so exhausted. I want to take a nap, every time I sit down, which is a lot. I thought it was bad with my first pregnancy, but having a toddler increased that fatigue by 10. Easily. 

We had been planning to have another several months before I had my IUD removed in July. We both felt ready for another, and I felt so strongly that Turner needed a sibling to bond with. Seeing him interact with other children made me realize how much he is like me. He thrives on human interaction, especially with those in similar stages to him. I can't wait to watch him be a big brother to our special son or (what I'm secretly hoping for) daughter. 

When we went to get our ultrasound yesterday our baby was even tinier than we had expected. Come to find out I am only 6 weeks along instead the originally determined 8 weeks. Our baby measured at 3 mm about the size of a grain of rice and it STILL had a heartbeat. I could see a tiny bump convulsing up and down. I'm in constant awe of the miracle of life, and eternally grateful I'm blessed to be a part of it.  

Hopefully this nausea ends and SOOOOON. The meds don't seem to be helping yet. It lasts all day until like 5 pm. Not fun. Anyway, I'm watching Tarzan with Turner and talking about how I'm going to have a baby. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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My Surprising, Energizing Weekend

This weekend was definitely one I'll never forget.

Earlier in the week, Matthew had arranged a surprise date for us on Friday night. He asked his family to watch Turner, decided where to go to dinner, bought discounted tickets to see a movie, and one more surprise that I didn't know about. He told me to have Turner and myself ready by 4 o'clock, and that's exactly what I did.

We dropped off Turner at Grammy and Papa's house and then we were on our way! Driving to Ogden, Matthew told me we were going to dinner at Sonora Grill, a delicious Mexican restaurant at the Junction. We enjoyed a very filling meal and strolled the Junction before going to a later showing of Cinderella. A man asking for change stopped us as we were coming out of the restaurant. I'll admit I find these situations very uncomfortable. Letting the man know we were only carrying cards, Matthew offered him the leftovers from our meal. He took them graciously, and as we walked away I was filled with emotions. I was overwhelmed with gratitude for all I have and a husband who is willing to give.

After observing a class at iFly for a generous amount of time, we walked to the theatre to enjoy a movie I had been extremely anxious to see. As the film progressed, Matthew and I found ourselves deeply touched. I started to understand how beautiful kindness can be.  What made Cinderella different is how she treated others, regardless of how she was treated. The most touching moment for me was when she ran outside in her mother's torn and tattered dress, in the rain, and said through her tears, "I'm so sorry, Mother. I promised I would have courage, but I can't anymore." It was in that moment of desperation that her Fairy Godmother reached out to her. 

I found this so relatable in my life. I often find myself in a situation like Cinderella thinking, "I don't know if I can move forward" or "I can't do this on my own." Those moments that I call out to my Heavenly Father in desperation and grief, are often followed with the sweetest of blessings. I hope that I can have courage and be kind my whole life long. I have known since I was young that happy, kind, humble and caring people are the most beautiful of all. Matthew and I talked about how true that principle is. Those who are kind have a light and vibrance inside of them that shines for everyone to see. I've had so many wonderful examples of this beauty in my life, and I hope to follow in their footsteps. 

I assumed after this movie, our uplifting experience and discussion of kindness and beauty, we would be going home to pick up our son. Matthew turned into a parking lot and seemed to be somewhat lost and confused. He knew exactly what he was doing when he got out of the car and grabbed a bag from the trunk. Opening my door for me he said, "Come on, it's time for the last surprise of our date!" Giddy with anticipation, I grabbed his hand and he lead me into a very tall building. It was extremely modern in style and taste. We walked up to the front desk and started to "Check In." At the moment I realized where we were. We were at a hotel! A super nice hotel!

I can only imagine what the concierge was thinking as I stared down Matthew with a look of appreciation and romance. I did NOT see that one coming, but I was so looking forward to a relaxing stay with the one man I could never live without. We brought our things to our room and ran to the store to buy ice cream, because is there anything better than eating ice cream in a bed you don't have to clean? And of course we watched videos of Turner I had on my phone because we absolutely adore him.

We have an uninterrupted nights sleep, aka: heaven. Got up, relaxed for a while, the got ready to go. We checked out and decided to go to brunch together. All you can eat french toast at Kneaders followed by a much needed trip to the grocery store. Finally we returned to Grammy and Papa's to pick up our little boy, and I was so excited to see him. 

It's amazing what one night away can do for you as a wife and mother. In a hotel only miles away from our home, I found energy and a renewed sense of enjoyment in showing love for my husband and my son. It was just what I needed. I am truly lucky to have a husband so wonderful. He's the best at surprises and even better at loving me. He's probably reading this post from his email right now.

I love you, Matthew, with all that I am. This graphic is for you.

Not only was I spoiled by my man, but we had the opportunity to BBQ/party on Saturday night with great friends we met under coincidental circumstances, which I'm starting to think wasn't a coincidence at all. I'm so grateful to know so many genuine and wonderful people!

Spiritual renewal, a walk to the park, Sunday dinner and games with my family was the perfect way to bring the weekend to a close.  Can I relive it all again, please? 

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. How do you find energy and renewal in your life? Share it with me!