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Pregnancy Diary: 28 Weeks
Pregnancy Diary || The Third Trimester || 28 Weeks || A Dash of Salter
Pregnancy Diary || The Third Trimester || 28 weeks || A Dash of Salter

It's official. The beginning of the end has come. We started renovations on Turner's big boy room this weekend and by we I mean my husband. He rallied together some of our family members to make the work as light as possible. I can't believe how lucky I am to have someone who knows how to go to work and get things done. He is so open to improvement in all aspects of life and makes goals for himself often. I admire him so much, it's ridiculous. 

Meanwhile, I am trying to follow his example by making some goals of my own. I have some big things (at least to me they're big) that I'm pushing myself to do. To explain briefly, I'm in the process of starting a small modern baby quilt business with my mother in law. Go like the Stitch & Stork Facebook page to give some moral support and be updated on our opening. I'm also pushing myself to create some decor to add to our ADOS Etsy Shop, so stay tuned for updates on the blog/IG about that as well.

I'm really going out of my comfort zone here, because I struggle A LOT with thinking anything I create is destined to fail. I have very diverse interests and because my passions are so far spread I have a hard time feeling like any of my them are strengths. Since becoming pregnant especially, my anxiety and self doubt is through the roof. I'm not nearly as confident or as driven. It's rather depressing to even think about actually. I can't believe how different my temperament has been this pregnancy versus my last. I worry that PPD might hit me hard this time around, but I'm praying it doesn't.

My belly feels really big at this point and I still have 12 weeks of growing. This boy is a lot higher than turner was and it feels like someone blew up a balloon inside me and lodged it right underneath my ribs. The constant pressure makes me feel like I have an underwire bra permanently attached to my body even after I take mine off. 

It's become nearly impossible for me to hold Turner for more than 2 minutes straight. Which I wouldn't be so sad about if I knew he'd let me hold him for much longer, but he's becoming more independent each day. I'm hoping the adjustment goes well when little brother arrives. He's so sweet with babies, but will that change when there's a little one stealing my attention at home on a daily basis? All normal concerns for second time parents, I'm sure. I never want Turner to think I love him any less. A lot of our routines might change when the baby is born, but I hope I always give him the time to feel loved. 

And with that we're off to get ready for Turner's 2 year well check! I can't wait to hear how much he's grown! I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far! 


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