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Family First || Monthly Free Printable Kick-Off!

I just want to say THANK YOU! So many of you have loved my free general conference quote printables! Well, they have been so popular that I decided to start giving a freebie out every month! I'm going to make them based on recent experiences or things I would want to post about our life on the blog. The most recent being the importance of putting my family first. The whole reason we decided to move was because of this ideal. Family isn't just an important thing, it's EVERYTHING. And they really are everything to me. I'd do anything to make our lives together a happier one. 

To kick off this new adventure, I designed this darling print using some tropical watercolor florals from Angie Makes. They make me feel like it's a tropical summer oasis inside my home. Who doesn't want that? I also designed a plain black and white print for the more minimalist folks out there. Scroll and click below the images to download them! 

Family Is Everything || Free Printable || 8x10 floral, peach, tropical, print, important, family, love, home, decor
Family Is Everything || Free Printable || 8x10 floral, gray text, tropical, print, important, family, love, home, decor
Family Is Everything || Free Printable || 8x10 floral, black and white, minimalist, quote , print, important, family, love, home, decor

 Family Is Everything - Minimal Black 8x10

There you go! I hope you guys love these new prints! Be sure to subscribe to my email list below if you don't want to miss any freebies!

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Please let me know what you think and I'd love to hear what style prints you would like me to do in the future! Lots of love!


Favorite General Conference Quotes || Free Printables

It was so nice to unplug and be inspired throughout general conference this last weekend. It was just what my soul needed. These five quotes are just a few of the things the general authorities shared that touched my heart.

I was especially grateful for the short and simple words spoken by the prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Thomas S. Monson during the Sunday Morning session. It was a message of encouragement to always choose the right. If you missed any of the sessions or are interested in watching these inspiring messages, you can view them all on

I love that through the spirit the words of the prophets, apostles and church leaders can speak right to our hearts in a very individual and personal way. What's amazing to me is that so many can be touched by the exact same phrase, but still get something completely different from it.  

I'm so grateful for my faith and the comfort it gives me on a daily basis. It's such a deep rooted part of my life and I hope it stays that way forever. I know that my belief in God and my Savior has blessed my life as I strive to be my best self. 

I hope that this blog helps others feel happy and inspired on a regular basis. That it encourages others to keep trying to be their best selves, in whatever way they think that is achieved. Regardless of faith, background, or differences. I hope that it encourages others to live what they believe and not be ashamed of it. If it brings you joy, share it with others! That's what I'll be trying to do my whole life long.

Now, here are the links to download each of my 8x10 printables. I hope you'll print them out, hang them up, and feel inspired all year long! And if you don't want to ever miss my other design freebies or posts, subscribe to my email list as well! 

Harder Right 8x10  |  See Temple 8x10  |  Restored 8x10  |  Heaven 8x10  |  Worthy 8x10

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and week so far! Thank you to all my readers for your support and community! I love the people I've been able to meet and associate with through this little blog of mine. Thank you! Thank you!


Low Chignon Updo | A Dash of Salter

I'm finally posting my first NEW post on my NEW domain! I'm probably way to excited about that still, but can you blame me?

I found a tutorial online that inspired this new updo. It's a variation of a faux fishtail/dutch french braid. I played around with it until I figured out how to hide all of my elastics. I love how it turned out.

Also, the blossoms on the tree in our backyard have started to bloom! It makes me so happy! It's a reminder of new life and brings so much anticipation for summer. I love the way that they make my yard smell. It's a sweet, yet somewhat salty scent.  THE BEST. I hope you like this updo and the photos I took of our blossoms!

Special thanks to all of my supporters and followers. You guys are the best! I wouldn't be where I am without you!