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City of Rocks National Reserve || Malta, Idaho
City of Rocks National Reserve || Malta, Idaho || beauty, nature, settlement, immigration, wonder, majestic

Back in October, Matthew and I were able to spend a weekend in Idaho and I am just now getting around to editing the photos and sharing them with you. We usually go to California with my family, but felt like we needed some time away as a couple. Turner stayed home with Grammy Salter and Grey came along for the ride because he is seriously the happiest and easiest baby ever. I had found an Airbnb (a post about that coming soon!) and the sights Idaho to offer. After discussing it together, we decided on three places. City of Rocks, Shoshone Falls Park, and Perrine Memorial Bridge.  City of Rocks was the beginning of our journey. We took a small detour to drive through the reserve on our way to Twin Falls. When we started coming upon the rocks, I couldn't believe my eyes.

I felt like I had stepped into a world described by J. R. R. Tolkien. The misty skies gave it the most eerie and simultaneously serene feeling. I LOVED it. It was raining the whole time and the dirt roads were so muddy. Basically it was extremely dangerous and we were a nervous wreck whenever we were in the car. Haha! Still, SO worth the drive. Although I can't speak for my chauffeur. Sorry, Matthew.

But there was such a story being told in this place. So many people had traveled through this reserve and some of them had made it their home. It was incredible and I'd go back there in a heartbeat. Maybe when it's not so slippery...

Our visit to Shoshone Falls and Perrine Bridge will be up on the blog tomorrow, with Airbnb details on Saturday. Sign up to my subscription list if you don't want to miss it! Lots of love!