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"No Makeup" Makeup with Maskcara Beauty

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with my schedule, or lack thereof. One of the things that picks me up every time is how quickly I can feel more ready with Maskcara makeup to take on whatever comes my way! During a Maskcara training webinar, Cara shared an analogy about hitting a WALL in your life and how you naturally want to wait for someone else to come give you a boost/help you over. She went on to say that we all need to be the HERO in our own lives. When you wait for some to solve your problems, or wait for a certain thing to happen to make it easier, your really just wasting time you could be climbing and overcoming. It really touched me and it was exactly what I needed to hear right now. 

I may not always remember everything, or be organized, or good at managing my time, etc; But I am learning from my mistakes and scaling walls without really realizing it. I CAN DO HARD THINGS. And so can YOU!!! Whether your momming, working, creating, struggling or all of the above. Please remember that you can overcome it. Even if it means asking for help. You can be your own Hero!!! 

Now I'm going to put some makeup on and conquer the rest of the hours of this day! I hope you enjoy this tutorial! I'm reallllyyyyy trying to post more regularly on here, because it is so therapeutic and fun for me. Let me know what other blog posts you want to see from me and I'll start planning it!

Love you all so much!! 

A Blogiversary Giveaway!!

I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers and vendors to celebrate Made by Meggs one year blogiversary! As my contribution I will be giving away one (8.5 oz) bottle of my very favorite styling lotion by EVOLVh. They sell botanical, completely organic, paraben free, gluten free, vegan styling products that are great for your hair! This 5 in 1 Ultimate Styling Lotion helps to add volume, shine, hold, defrizz, and manage curls all day long! I run it through my hair from roots to ends and before blowdrying and curling to give it more volume, bounce and shine! Not only does it work wonders, it smells great and doesn't have the weight of most others styling products I've used. 

Go to Made by Meggs website to see the rest of the great prizes and goodies that the other participants are giving away! 


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