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My First Spray Tan || Mystic HD + Planet Beach Review

One day while browsing Facebook, I saw a promotion from Anytime Deals for a free spa treatment. (Click on the link, It's still available so you can grab one too!) I curiously followed the link and claimed a free spa treatment code for the newly opened Planet Beach in Clinton

When I saw the list of available spa treatments I instantly wanted to know every detail about the Mystic HD spray tan machine. I have been researching sunless tanning like crazy and thought this would be a good excuse to try it. I called my sister and we set a day to go! We went into planet beach, one week ago today, and were greeted by some of the nicest people ever. They showed is around the facility and I was surprised by how many services they offer in that space! 

When we discussed the pigments of the spray tan and all the details of running the machine I decided to do it. All I had to pay was $10 for the medium tan cartridge and the rest of the service was completely free! That's a $30-40 value! They even installed the cartridge for me. I highly recommend Planet Beach for all of your spa needs. Find out more about there services here!

As far as the mystic HD machine itself, here is my review. I didn't install the tanning cartridge myself, but the machine directs you how to do it. It takes a good 10 minutes for the machine to heat up to a temperature that allows for prime absorption. The spa provided lotion to apply to the areas of the body that tend to be more dry so that you get your tan to look as even and natural as possible. I applied it to my nose, elbows, knees, hands, cuticles, ankles and feet. 

After the machine is fully heated, it instructs you to step in and wave your hand in front of a green motion camera. It then instructed me to place my feet on certain numbers labeled clearly on the floor. I stood in a forward, right facing diagonal with my arms out like a cowboy and fingers completely spread like I was doing a quick draw to the death. The machine loudly said in a female voice, "Spray commencing in 3,2,1" and I closed my eyes as it sprayed. It then took a brief amount of time to dry and for me to step into the next position. This happened three more times and took a total of 2 minutes. I stood for a while in the machine during the last drying cycle to get my skin as dry as possible. As I exited the machine it requested I close the door so it could initiate the cleaning cycle. I listened as a water hose blasted down the entire machine. I couldn't believe how efficient it was! 

Even though I was completely dry, I was nervous to put my clothes back on because I felt somewhat sticky. I put them on carefully and went to the bathroom to rinse my hands. One of the consultants instructed me to do so if I was worried about it settling in my knuckles and on the bottoms of my feet. I'm so glad I wash my hands and I wish I had remembered to wash my feet. When I woke up the next morning my soles were as dark as molasses. Luckily they washed off quite a bit at the splash pad later that day. My nose took it a little splotchy due to dryness, like I had feared, but it almost made it look like an actual sunburn! HAHA! My husband and I laughed about that. 

I was very surprised how realistic my tan actually looked the next day, though. It was NOT orange and it had the perfect glow. I was also surprised how dark it went at the medium level. I'm so glad I didn't do the dark cartridge for my first time. I most likely wouldn't have as many positive things to say about it. (HUGE shout out to my little sis for snapping a before shot of me so I could really see the difference it made.)

My biggest complaint is that it's only been a week and I feel like it has all washed away. It's not in a good way either. I have certain splotches that are tan and some areas where it has rubbed off. I have lines wear my bra sits because it rubbed off the tan in that area. I don't think I could invest in it again if it lasts only one week. It says it only last 4-5 days, but still! What the heck, guys? I don't have that kind of money, people! 

Besides those things, I am so pleased with my spray tan. My husband REALLY likes it too. There's something sexy about an evenly bronzed body. However, I think from now on I'll try to achieve it with a self applied lotion/mousse. Like the ones they sell here, or this one highly recommended by the lovely sunless tan expert, Maskcara.  Even if it's not for a spray tan, I'll probably be going back to planet beach for a facial, massage or red light therapy. My sister had a red light facial and her face looks bright, tight and amazing because of it! This location is new, but they have tons of locations throughout Utah and the U.S. Find one near you by entering your city and state hereIt's nice to treat yourself to something relaxing every once and a while. Treat yo self to a day at the spa. You'll be glad you did.

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