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Life Lately || May
Life Lately || May

Life has been so crazy this month! I cannot even believe how much has happened. So this post will be a little different than usual. It's basically a word vomit of everything that's happened this month. On the 7th we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! It's crazy how much has happened in our relationship in those years. We reminisced and had a very fun night together.

The following Monday, Matthew called me from work. He had something important to tell me and assured me that it was not a joke. Prosper was letting their whole devision go. Hundreds of people would no longer have jobs, including my husband. 

Months prior to this, Matthew had been feeling discontent with his current position at Prosper and started looking for other job opportunities. At the time he didn't really understand why he felt this way, but now we know it was the spirit prompting him to prepare for this shocking news. 

He had two promising interviews with Alliance Health in South Jordan before this happened, and we both felt the final interview would entail him obtaining work with them. Prosper would continue to pay him as if he were a regular employee until July 5th or he found new employment. So Matthew has been home for three weeks, while being paid his normal salary, and will receive one months severance after getting a new job. (Hence the reason we decided to take a spontaneous vacation to Cali/Disneyland last week. Because, why not?!)

After the final interview with Alliance, and some counter negotiation, Matthew accepted an offer to work for them! We both felt that commuting was no longer an option and needed to start looking more seriously for homes in that area. We looked all day for two days, and found a town home in Herriman that we LOVED! So we made an offer. 

That meant we needed to sell our house, and fast! We listed it the following Thursday. We had 4 showings on Friday and a full price offer that night, within 24 hours. We accepted that offer on Saturday and we've been hoping everything follows through ever since. We're waiting on the appraisal now, and once we hear back about that we'll really be doing this. The closing date is June 16th. We'll be handing over the keys from our first home, and moving to a brand new one in a place we know hardly anything about. 

It's exciting, and completely terrifying at the same time. I know the Lord's hand is in our lives because we have been guided to prepare for this change and things are smoothly falling into place. I know that whatever ends up happening with our home situation will be the right thing for our family at this time. That knowledge helps me feel less afraid to leave the comfort that Layton has been for us.

I don't know if our parents will ever forgive us for moving one hour away, but I'm so grateful they are saddened by the distance growing between us. It shows how much they care for us and our boys. They have been such an amazing support to us, and it'll be hard to leave them. That spontaneous lunches and shopping trips with my mom won't be happening. Turner won't be able to stop by Grammy and Papa's randomly to play. Date nights will be more sparse without Auntie Autumn close by.  We'll be leaving a bunch of wonderful neighbors and friends we've grown to love. It makes me so sad to think of it at all.

Leaving comfort is really hard for me. Making new friends is terrifying. Learning how to navigate around a new place is scary. It's the reason I didn't go away to college or move out of my parent's house before I got married. This will be one of the hardest change I've experienced in my life thus far. That probably sounds so stupid to some people, but it's true! 

That's also why I know it will help me grow in the biggest way as well. It will push me out of my comfort zone completely. I'm so grateful I don't have to do it alone. I'll be with my people. My husband and my two beautiful boys. And I'll have my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ, to rely on through all of it. 


Twisted Half Crown Hairstyle || Video Tutorial

If you saw my post about ROOLEE boutique, then you most likely saw this hairstyle. I loved it so much that I decided to do a tutorial! I have always loved styling hair, it's a true passion of mine. I'm so glad I get to share that with people through this blog! 

I'm also enjoy the time I spend away from the blog. When I go a while without posting it's because I'm enjoying the little moments with my little family that I'll never get back. This blog is an incredible outlet for me and I'm so glad I started it, but my family is my greatest joy. My true passion. We laugh together, struggle together, work together, play together, strive to be better together, cry together, pray together and drink shameful amounts of Oreo milkshakes together. I cherish my time with them so much.

I want to better myself for them. I'm trying to make our home a place of peace and comfort for them. To center our home around Christ. To invite His spirit daily there. I want that even more since our experience late Friday night. (Keep scrolling for a humbling mommy moment.)

At 2:30 a.m. I heard Turner screaming in distress. When I went to try and tuck him back in and console him, he would not calm down. I picked him up and he only cried harder. I changed his diaper hoping to ease his restlessness, but he was still inconsolable. When I went to put back on his pants he wouldn't let me. Assuming his stomach was aching, I left his pants off and picked him up once again to attempt to calm him. Still, nothing was working. I felt his head to see if he was fevering, but his head was cold and damp like his fever had broken. I looked desperately for the Tylenol and couldn't seem to find it anywhere.

I rushed into our bedroom to then seek consolation for my own distress. I hated that feeling of helplessness. Not being able to stop my son's tears from streaming was breaking me down inside. As we held him in between us in bed, I began to sob and ask Matthew what we should do. He immediately began to give him a priesthood blessing. While Turner's demeanor remained unchanged, I felt a peace and comfort wash over me. Matthew later told me he had felt the same thing. As soon as he was finished I felt my mind clarify. I instantly got up to find the medicine in its previously unknown place. Administered it to him and he took it willingly. Almost as if he knew it would ease his pain.

I felt impressed to distract him by watching his recent favorite movie, Finding Nemo. As soon as it began he stopped crying and laid down in a comfortable position. He had the biggest smile on his face and for the first time in 20 minutes a took a deep breath. After he seemed to be back to his old self, we took him gently to his bed and put him down with his stuffed mouse. He was humming himself back to sleep.

I went to bed and waited anxiously for his sweet humming to silence completely. When it did I said a humble prayer of gratitude. I knew it was priesthood power and the Holy Ghost that had given us the clarity to handle that situation.  

The next day, I noticed his bottom molars were almost all the way through. No wonder he had been so distraught! I was so glad I had been guided to help my son, even in something so trivial in the grand scheme of things. This experience was such a testimony of how God knows me. He knew that I needed to be able help Turner through that suffering. He knows me and loves me. 

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One Piece Swimsuit + Kimono Combo
Modest Suit + Kimono Combo || Dashing Looks || A Dash of Salter

These have been sitting on my camera for a whole month and I'm just barely getting around to posting them. Things have been a little crazy over here these days. Anyway, let's talk summer and swimsuits. I don't know about you, but I rocked the tankini trend in high school and for the first few years of my marriage.  However, I always find myself feeling the most comfortable in a one piece. No pulling up, no tugging down, it just stays in place - minus the wedgies - TMI, sorry.

I'm always on the lookout for cute one pieces. When I was grocery shopping about a month ago, I saw this cute black and white stripe suit and, without hesitation, grabbed it to try on. I fell in love with it - and it's price tag made the decision to get it even easier - it was only $16 dollars! If you know me, you know I am all about a bargain, and for swimwear it doesn't get much better than that. 

I decided to take a few photos of myself - self timer style - to show you guys this modest, cute, affordable swimsuit. If you have always been too good to buy things from Walmart, this swimsuit might change your mind. Also, the swimsuit + kimono trend is killing me. IT'S AMAZINGGGG.  Read more about my obsession with kimonos, here

This Catalina swimsuit was purchased at Walmart for $16. (I love that the straps are convertible to criss cross in the back! SO CUTE.) I saw this kimono at Hollister on sale for only $11, so naturally I bought it. They are sold out online, but I have some similar options at the bottom of this post. My sad floppy hat is falling apart, but it was only $1 so I'm not too upset about it. Shades were $5 at Target! Shop the look down below!

So that's it! I hope you like this look as much as I do. What is your favorite swimsuit trend? What other ways do your style your swimsuit or kimono? Let me know in the comments below!

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