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Life Lately || May
Life Lately || May

Life has been so crazy this month! I cannot even believe how much has happened. So this post will be a little different than usual. It's basically a word vomit of everything that's happened this month. On the 7th we celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! It's crazy how much has happened in our relationship in those years. We reminisced and had a very fun night together.

The following Monday, Matthew called me from work. He had something important to tell me and assured me that it was not a joke. Prosper was letting their whole devision go. Hundreds of people would no longer have jobs, including my husband. 

Months prior to this, Matthew had been feeling discontent with his current position at Prosper and started looking for other job opportunities. At the time he didn't really understand why he felt this way, but now we know it was the spirit prompting him to prepare for this shocking news. 

He had two promising interviews with Alliance Health in South Jordan before this happened, and we both felt the final interview would entail him obtaining work with them. Prosper would continue to pay him as if he were a regular employee until July 5th or he found new employment. So Matthew has been home for three weeks, while being paid his normal salary, and will receive one months severance after getting a new job. (Hence the reason we decided to take a spontaneous vacation to Cali/Disneyland last week. Because, why not?!)

After the final interview with Alliance, and some counter negotiation, Matthew accepted an offer to work for them! We both felt that commuting was no longer an option and needed to start looking more seriously for homes in that area. We looked all day for two days, and found a town home in Herriman that we LOVED! So we made an offer. 

That meant we needed to sell our house, and fast! We listed it the following Thursday. We had 4 showings on Friday and a full price offer that night, within 24 hours. We accepted that offer on Saturday and we've been hoping everything follows through ever since. We're waiting on the appraisal now, and once we hear back about that we'll really be doing this. The closing date is June 16th. We'll be handing over the keys from our first home, and moving to a brand new one in a place we know hardly anything about. 

It's exciting, and completely terrifying at the same time. I know the Lord's hand is in our lives because we have been guided to prepare for this change and things are smoothly falling into place. I know that whatever ends up happening with our home situation will be the right thing for our family at this time. That knowledge helps me feel less afraid to leave the comfort that Layton has been for us.

I don't know if our parents will ever forgive us for moving one hour away, but I'm so grateful they are saddened by the distance growing between us. It shows how much they care for us and our boys. They have been such an amazing support to us, and it'll be hard to leave them. That spontaneous lunches and shopping trips with my mom won't be happening. Turner won't be able to stop by Grammy and Papa's randomly to play. Date nights will be more sparse without Auntie Autumn close by.  We'll be leaving a bunch of wonderful neighbors and friends we've grown to love. It makes me so sad to think of it at all.

Leaving comfort is really hard for me. Making new friends is terrifying. Learning how to navigate around a new place is scary. It's the reason I didn't go away to college or move out of my parent's house before I got married. This will be one of the hardest change I've experienced in my life thus far. That probably sounds so stupid to some people, but it's true! 

That's also why I know it will help me grow in the biggest way as well. It will push me out of my comfort zone completely. I'm so grateful I don't have to do it alone. I'll be with my people. My husband and my two beautiful boys. And I'll have my Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ, to rely on through all of it. 


Life Lately || May
Life Lately || MAY || A Dash of Salter


DIY-ing highlights and ombre because I'm too impatient to wait until I have money to get it done professionally. Also, lots of headband curl days happening lately. Tips and tricks to get the exact look your looking for will be shared on the blog soon! 


These ankle boots. ALL THE TIME. They're the perfect shoe for warm stormy weather which we've been getting a lot of lately. I found some that are identical pictured first below, and the other two I just love! 


ENCHILADAS with Cilantro Lime Dressing. It's becoming one of my favorite meals. It's delicious, easy and yields lots of leftovers! My perfected recipe coming on the blog soon!


Turbo. Turner LOVES race cars and this movie has been on repeat lately. We don't own many movies, especially animated ones, and so Netflix movies get lots of love at our house. Luckily, this is one I love to watch over and over again. It's so funny to me!


All of the moisture we've been getting lately! It's making my yard and everything SO GREEN! I love it so much! Also, the smell of rain is one of my all time favorites. It's an indescribable smell. It just smells fresh and clean. Do they make rain scented candles? If so, I need one in my house.


The perfect sunless tan. I'm going to the spa with my sister today and I'm seriously contemplating a Mystic HD Spray Tan. Call me crazy, but being tan everywhere without the damage might be worth the risks of obvious fake bake. I know Maskcara has posted about achieving the perfect sunless tan with Tanwise Mouse. I might need to try that instead if I chicken out today. Wish me luck!


That's my life lately! Thanks for reading and have a super rad weekend!

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