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Love Story || Part 2
Love Story >> Part 2 | A Dash of Salter


(If you would like to read Part 1 first, find it here) 

During the month we spent apart I was doing lots of things with my friends.  I had attended Oktoberfest and multiple halloween parties held by my singles ward and family/close friends.  I was having a good time, but I was still confused about my feelings for Matthew.  After the first few times I  had ignored his messages, he stopped texting me. Finally, near the end of the month, he text me again. I was somewhat relieved that he wasn't too furious to talk so I text him back, but then he continued to say, "Guess what? Today is my birthday."  My thoughts were...

Crap. I'm the biggest jerk in the history of jerk wads. 

And then I said, "Happy birthday! Did you get/do anything awesome?" As if that made up for anything. I felt so terrible, and he obviously kinda wanted me to feel that. He had seen the photos of me on Facebook at every party, as a mad scientist, caveman, and spongebob squarepants. (Yes, three different costumes. Halloween Dressing up is the best!) And he was thinking to himself that he wished he could just brush it off, but he liked me. My personality. It started to upset him more and more that we weren't talking. So that's when he finally decided to text me, on his birthday.

Well, we continued texting and discussed our plans for Halloween. I started to hint that I wanted to do something together. He ignored them to the point I that I invited myself.  We decided to watch a scary movie at his house the following Monday after FHE. He sat next next to me at our service project and we talked. I could tell he was trying not to show me to much emotion, but I could sense he was still upset. We were about to leave the activity and I didn't know if he still wanted me to come over. I had to ask him when we left the building if I was still allowed to come to his house to watch the movie. AWKWARD. I felt like I was begging.

We watched the movie and had a great time together. And then before I went home, we kissed. It was like we never spent time apart. On my way home I was thinking, "Seriously?! What are you doing? You kissed him AGAIN?!" At this point I knew it was because I liked him, I was obviously attracted to him, and wanted to spend more time with him.

Our next date I realized how much he liked me. It was simple, but so romantic.  He took me to dinner and then we came back to his house. He took me to the garage and inside was his ceramic spinning wheel and a space heater. He was going to give me a basic ceramic class! I couldn't believe how incredibly romantic that was.  Matthew gave me a brief demonstration and then told me to give it a try. He sat by me and guided my hands to mold the clay. 

In that moment, I started to realize that he was trying to win me over. Well, it was working. After that night, I was hooked. We continued spending more and more time together. I did the twelve days of Christmas for Matthew and he LOVED it. One of the gifts included Linkin Park tickets to their concert in February. I guess you could say I was pretty hopeful.

Matthew asked his parents if he could invite me to their yearly trip to their granny's house St. George for New Year's. They approved, and so did mine when I asked if I could go! That trip was a defining moment towards our progressing relationship. We spent three straight days together, and we were still crazy about each other. 

A month later we went ring shopping, and on Valentine's day we were engaged.  That's when we started planning our wedding. I'm going to do a separate post about our engagement and wedding in May around our anniversary.

I hope you enjoyed my super long love story, that I actually attempted to shorten. Haha!

Lots of love!!!

Love Story || Part 1
Love Story >> Part 1 | A Dash of Salter


I've been working on this post for quite a while now, and have finally decided to share! This is one of my absolute favorite stories to tell and I'm excited to let you in on it!

In 2004, I was 13 years old, about to enter into the 8th grade, and my best friend was a boy named Kye. I was at my best friend's house when I saw someone moving in across the street, and I was hoping that there would be someone our age living there.  I walked home from his house because I only lived  a few streets away. We attended the same school, but different church buildings because of how they chose to set the boundaries.

A few days later I found out that there was a boy our age, but a grade younger, that had moved in. His name being Peter, Matthew's little brother. We started to do things with him, but he was pretty shy since they had moved here from California. Every once and a while Matthew would come over and try to convince Kye to play ping pong with him. I would be sitting there in the background listening quietly to hear his response.  That's the only reason I knew who he was.

Love Story >> Part 1 | A Dash of Salter

At the time Matthew seemed so much older than me and way more mature.  It never crossed my mind that we would be together someday. Matthew remembers telling his family how pretty I was, and that I was going to be a gorgeous girl when I was older. At least that's what he claims. ;)

Matthew is a couple years older than me and we actually spent one year in the same high school.  He was a senior when I was a sophmore. I still had no interaction with him whatsoever and I started to see Peter less because he was still in Jr. High. So really, it's like we didn't go to high school together. I just think it's funny that we knew a lot of the same people, but never actually met.

Anyway, we spent the years apart dating other people. The year after I graduated from high school the ward boundaries changed and my family and Matthew's family were now in the same ward. I  was going to the single adult ward and Matthew was on his mission so it didn't really affect us, but our parents got to know one another better. Preparation for our destined future together? I think so. ;) 

While he was still on his mission and I was in college, I actually dated one of his best friends! After a series of serious relationships with 3 different guys in one year, I decided I was done with the dating game! I wasn't going to date for a while, I was sure of it.  I was going to party with the girls all day, every day. Work on myself and become the girl my future husband would want. Boys were dumb! Or so I thought for a brief moment.

A couple weeks later, Matthew came home from his mission.  My friend had mentioned he was coming home, since they grew up in the same ward. I didn't think anything of it. However, my mom also heard him giving his mission talk and had told me all about it. She couldn't stop talking about how cute his smile was. Yet again, I brushed off every notion my parents gave me to date someone.

WELL...two weeks later he came to the singles ward for the first time and I didn't notice he was there until Sunday school. He was sitting in an empty row all by himself, so I did something COMPLETELY out of my character and sat next to him.  We exchanged small talk and I started to realize he didn't remember who I was.  When we exchanged names I had to remind him that I was the little girl that was always at Kye's house.  I had no idea he was interested at all until he asked for my number after class.

We started texting and getting to know each other. I started to realize how much we had in common. It's funny though, how texting him was just words.  I wasn't truly getting to know his character yet.  After a week or two he called me and formally asked me out.  He took me out to Costa Vida for dinner, then to Wise Guys in Ogden for a comedy show, followed by a long drive with lots of music. He brought me home around 10:30! He felt lame, but I was impressed and my Dad was pleased.

The dates continued and a week or two later Matthew kissed me for the first time.  I had never kissed anyone before we had discussed our relationships.  I only kissed my boyfriend. Except Matthew.  He kissed me and it was so nice I couldn't resist.  When I got home I thought to myself, "What was that?! Did that really just happen?" I had no idea how much I liked him or if I was ready for something more serious. So I did what any girl would do, I brought up the DTR. Define The Relationship talk. Matthew was nervous because he didn't feel ready for anything serious, and he kindly let me know. To his surprise, I was relieved and reciprocated the same feelings. 

So for a month we dated, always ending with  a kiss  kissing, and I started to doubt what I was doing.  Was I using him? Did I like him, or the idea of a boyfriend? Did I just like kissing him? I was feeling so unsure, so I did the thing I thought would help me figure it all out and I stopped talking to him completely...a real selfish jerk move on my part. Sorry, babes. So for a whole month I ignored his text messages, avoided him at church, and tried to get a handle on my feelings...


Find out what happens next in PART 2. 

Lots of love!