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Life Lately || July

I know this is late, but I wanted to share it with you still because I've been absent from the blog for a while. July was such a fun filled month with holidays, family reunions, and lots of fun summer activities! Everything has been so exciting so I wanted to share a few things I've done!

Life Lately || July || A Dash of Salter


Up + up + up. Honestly, it's too hot to keep it down and, more honestly, I've been so lazy with it! There has been so much going on this summer!!


The comfiest and cutest jeans in the universe. Win, win. 


So much crap. Seriously though. Hot dogs, hamburgers, cake, soda, candy, cookies, and then that one time I actually made something kind of healthy and took a picture of it.


POLDARK. Masterpiece Classic, I can't live without you. 


My whole life I've been convinced I didn't like country music, but I have recently started to realize that I've been in denial for a long time. When you listen to Taylor Swift radio and know the words to almost every other country song that plays, it's time to accept you like country music. Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flats, Carrie Underwood,  So here I am, admitting to myself that country music is pretty great. 


GIRLS CAMP! I just arrived home Saturday and I can't stop thinking about how great it was to be able to go. It was such a privilege to go back to Lake Lyman as an adult leader. I loved going there as a young woman because it is breathtakingly beautiful up there. I had such a wonderful time growing closer to the other leaders and our amazing young woman. The most wonderful of all was the incredible spirit I felt and how my testimony was strengthened. I'm so grateful for the gospel and for the opportunity to experience such heart warming memories. 


I so enjoyed last month and I can't believe we'e already started a new one! I have some pretty exciting things and collaborations planned in the near future. I can't wait to share them with you!!!

Lots of Love!!

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