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Life Lately || June
Life Lately || June || A Dash of Salter


Loose waves for daysss, using my 1" hot tools curling iron.  


Bronzer on my face and peach colored cheeks for that perfect summer glow.


Anything you can BBQ on the grill, hot dogs, chicken, burgers, and all of the good stuff that goes with it. Watermelon, salads, s'mores, and ice cream shakes. Okay let's be real, we have ice cream shakes every night.


Inside Out was such a darling movie! I loved it so much! Some of my favorite actresses and actors made it the perfect amount of humor and tender emotions. 


MY GRAY WALLS! The living room/kitchen is finished and I just love how finished it makes our house look. It's a big improvement from every wall, baseboard, and the ceiling being the exact same color. I can't wait to get some bright white on the ceiling and some glossy white on the doors and trim. It's going to look like a whole new home! :)


This diaper bag. Oh man. All the heart eyes in the world. I want a new bag because mine is literally falling apart at the seams. Better life bags has perfect size bags and you can customize the way they look to fit your style! Really wanting it, bad.


Oh, and did I mention that we opened up our Etsy shop?! You can follow the link at the top of the page on the navigation bar, or click here to check it out! I hope everyone had a great month! 

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