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Summer Bucket List || Toddlers Included
Summer Bucket List || Toddlers Included || A Dash of Salter

Summer is one of my favorite seasons because the activities it entails are some of the very best! I love swimming, boating, hiking, camping, star gazing, marshmallow roasting, firework watching, and everything the outdoors have to offer! A couple of days ago, I decided to make a list of activities to do with Turner and Matthew over the summer. I wanted to make sure that I had activities catered directly to Turner so that he could learn, grow and enjoy Summer with us! I narrowed it down to our absolute favorites so I could easily check off each one, or the same one multiple times! 

So here are the top 20 things on our bucket list this summer, toddlers included. I will try to document each one on the blog as we complete them! Feel free to copy, save and print this bucket list to use for your family, too! 

Summer Bucket List || Toddlers Included || A Dash of Salter

What things would you add to the list? What activities are a must for you?

Lots of love!

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