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Some of the Greatest Tears I've Ever Cried
Some of the Greatest tears I've Ever Cried || ADOS || Blog, lifestyle, motherhood, meaningful moments

The day after Thanksgiving, after what feels like an eternity, we pull out the Christmas decorations. After lugging all of the boxes upstairs, I realized that we still had the old four foot Christmas tree that I grew up decorating in the room I shared with my little sister. That's when I had, what I would say was, a brilliant idea. I thought to myself, I should set up the tree in the loft and let Turner decorate it all by himself! 

I had him follow me as I carried the tree upstairs along with all of the sentimental ornaments I had acquired over the years. I wrapped it with lights and his eyes filled with wonder as I plugged them in. I opened up my box of ornaments and showed him how to hang them on the branches. Then I watched as he proudly put ornaments on this Turner sized tree. I sat there as he put 5 different ornaments on the same branch, while trying to tell him to put each ornament on a branch of its own. But his pure joy in that moment was all I really cared about. 

I got out my phone and took a short video of him adorning the tree with trinkets and keepsakes of my childhood years. Stitched plastic canvas ornaments that remind me of my grandma, an angel the color of my birth stone and wings of gold, and birds I crafted from paper the first, humble Christmas Matthew and I shared together as husband and wife.

That's when it hit me just how incredibly blessed my life has been, and how especially blessed it is now. It came like a wave of emotion as Turner clapped and cheered while he decorated what he called, "the greatest Christmas tree, EVER." As I saw the endless amount of joy in his countenance, I felt overwhelmed with love.

So overwhelmed that I began to cry.

It was the most tender feeling of happiness. And that happiness has been a light every moment since. I'm so grateful I took the time to sit and be present with my son that night. I never ever want to forget how meaningful it was to experience that moment. Those were some of the greatest tears I've ever cried. 

I'm excited to share one more thing with you tonight. Tomorrow is the kick off of #LIGHTtheWORLD with 25 days of serving others, as Jesus Christ did, every day until Christmas. Doesn't the idea of that make you so happy? It makes me happy, and I'm hoping through this challenge I can make a habit of serving others more. Watch this video, find a service calendar and other free printables at The Small Seed, and join me in lighting the world with service! 

Happy Birthday, ADOS!!
Happy 2nd Birthday, ADOS! || Cheree ||

Yesterday was the second blogiversary of A Dash of Salter. On July 5th, 2014 I posted my very first blog post. Ever since that day, this blog has been a great source of therapy for me. I can't believe how many people I have met, friends I have made, kindness I have received and opportunities I have had because of this blog. I'm so grateful that my joy for writing and creating is something I can share with others. Now that we're starting to get settled in our new home, I'm hoping I can start contributing regularly to my blog again.

It's been so sweet to focus solely on my little family during these last couple months. I can't believe how big my boys are getting, and I've really been trying to cherish each moment of the day with them. I feel so much gratification in motherhood, but there are still many parts of me that long for more. It's so important to me that I continue to cultivate and nurture my own talents and interests. I'm so much happier when I fill myself with individualized, uplifting activities. It makes me a better person, wife and mother. Blogging, or life journaling, is definitely one of those activities. 

Thank you to all of the people who have followed along! I share with the hope that others will be uplifted, inspired or touched after spending time here. I truly hope that all of you can find this a place of authenticity, encouragement and happiness.


Birthday Swag
Birthday SWAG || A Dash of Salter

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I love my birthday. The biggest reason being my husband. He spoils me, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it. In reality, I love it wayyyy too much. He always takes the day off and makes it completely about me. He makes me breakfast, takes care of Turner, takes me out to eat and gives me the best presents.

This year Matthew scheduled a morning massage for me. My first massage ever, actually. From 11-12 I was given a full body massage and it was so relaxing. I came out of there feeling like a completely new woman. While I was away, he installed a brand new bluetooth stereo system in my car. It automatically syncs with my phone when I get in the car and starts playing my Spotify playlist right where it left off. BIG DEAL, PEOPLE. I can ask Siri something and answer phone calls with the push of a button! I didn't realize how much I would love it. It's the best!!

We went to lunch at Cutler's, a local sandwich/soup/cookie shop that I used to work at when we started dating. The food is delicious and it's family owned by some of the best people I know! If you're ever in the Layton area, you have to try one of their phenomenal cookies. The glazed sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chip and lemon melt-away are my favorites.

My wonderful in laws agreed to watch Turner while we go out to dinner, just the two of us. I am so grateful for the quality time we get together, because it doesn't happen nearly as often as I would like. Matthew is my everything, and I love to focus on strengthening our relationship even more. 

We had dinner at Red Robin (YUM) and they gave me a free Oreo milkshake because it was my birthday. (DOUBLE YUM) Then we walked around the mall and talked about our goals and milestones this year. We'll be having another child in April and celebrating our 5 year anniversary in May! We have a lot of things we want to do before then. I have a feeling my 25th year is going to be the best one yet! 


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5 Steps to a HAPPY Marriage
5 Steps To A Happy Marriage | A Dash of Salter

With me and my husband's anniversary coming up, I've been thinking a lot about our marriage. We've had ups and downs like every relationship does, but today I want to focus on the five things that I believe lead to a HAPPY marriage. 

I'm not an expert. However, I'm starting to notice the things that have made my marriage happier.  I came up with a little acronym using the word HAPPY to help myself remember them and I thought I'd share it with you guys!


Honest, open, and consistent communication is vital to keeping a marriage happy. Communication is one of the most fundamental building blocks for any healthy relationship.  Always tell your spouse how things make you feel.  It makes me feel so good when my husband opens up to me about something. Try to use lots of "I" statements, such as, "I feel ____ when I hear/see/know you do ____" Don't point fingers, but don't expect them to read your mind  either.  The best way to resolve conflict is by talking things through. If you're like my husband and I you might feel even closer after you've talked things out and can understand what the other person is feeling.


This one is HUGE. Matthew thrives on appreciation. If you know anything about the 5 love languages written by Gary Chapman, and Words of Affirmation, you'll know why.  This is his dominant love language. It's not mine, however, I'm starting to realize just how powerful words of appreciation can be. Since becoming a mother, I've yearned for this appreciation.  I want my husband, or anyone at all, to acknowledge all of the hard work I am doing everyday to raise our child. I want him to tell me how important my role as a mother is, even if I already know that in my heart, it's still something I want to hear. Appreciate the little things that your spouse does for you. Say thank you, and say it often. The smallest token of gratitude can go a long way. 


It's important to remember that everyone is on a journey of progression, especially in a marriage. Support each other in that progression. Set goals, discuss dreams, and encourage each other to reach them! Work together as a team. Compliment each other in your roles and take turns being strong. 

Always work on improving your relationship in some form. Some days I'll tell myself, "Okay, Cheree. Today try your best to show Matthew your appreciation." or, "Today I'm working on being positive and cheerful so that Matthew feels less stressed when he gets home from work." This is part of my personal progression to help strengthen my marriage. I'm not always good at it, but when I make the conscious effort I feel happier. 

Another thought on progression I have is about starting a family. I believe strongly that a lot of our progress as a couple has come since Turner was born. Starting a family has not only helped us learn new things about ourselves, but has brought us more joy than we had ever imagined was possible.


Now, before you get uncomfortable, let me explain. I've noticed that my marriage is happiest when I am trying to please, or serve, my husband. When I focus on him instead of myself, our relationship flourishes! Try to fill their needs, emotionally and physically, especially if you know they are having a stressful day.  Sometimes I find myself thinking needful thoughts such as, "Ugh. I wish he would watch the baby so I could go shopping/be with my friends/relax." Not only am I feeling a need, I'm not sharing it with him and still expecting him to do something about it. So stupid! Don't do it, guys. It will only make you more upset and confuse your spouse for having NO idea why you're upset.  Let your spouse know what your needs are and you'll both be happier for it!

Now for the physical part. If your spouse comes to you seeking some intimacy, try your best to fill that need. It takes courage to be an initiator, and rejection only makes them less likely to do it again.  LOVE them, especially when they are asking for LOVE.


This one was kind of a stretch. There aren't very many descriptive words that start with a Y, but I'm using it anyway!

Marriage should be a constant celebration. Celebrate each other and your time together! Keep dating after you get married. Nourish your relationship just like you did before you were married. Celebrate the big anniversaries and the small victories! We've started to celebrate when we meet a savings goal, or when Matthew passes a class. Use any excuse to celebrate. More than that, be an advocate for your relationship. Focus on the positive. Have an attitude that you can accomplish anything together.  Praise each other. Root for and cheer each other on. Be your partner's biggest fan. Nothing makes me feel more loved than knowing my husband believes in me.

HAPPY Acronym That Might Help Your Marriage

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my personal steps to a HAPPY marriage! What other things have you noticed make your marriage a joyful one?