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Glitz & Glam
Glitz & Glam

I've always enjoyed getting dressed up for date night, and nothing says fancy better than gold sequins. Am I right?? Okay, they're not that fancy. I just feel ritzy in any kind of sparkle. I love vintage glam and decided to hone in on that with these side swept waves. I love how it adds effortless class to any look and keeps the hair off of one side of my face. Not to mention, it's SO EASY to style. I swept it to the side, pinned it, and curled the rest in 15 minutes.

Matthew was kind enough to snap a few pictures of my outfit while dropping Turner off at Grammy's. Bless his heart for putting up with my criticism and insisting he "take another one" just the way I want it. He does it even though he doesn't enjoy it, and I love him for that. You can find the outfit details and shop the look at the bottom of this post. 

Matthew and I had dinner together at Sonora Grill and it was delicious, as usual. We discussed goals, aspirations, promising aspects of Matthew's job and I loved it so much. I usually feel like I'm the one doing all of the talking, and after a few minutes I've told him everything that happened in my day. This time Matthew talked almost the whole time about himself, and I loved it! I loved that I was able to listen to him tell me about his personal dreams and goals. Quality time and quality conversation with him make me feel so loved. 

I'm grateful for the little moments we have together that bring us closer. They don't just happen when we're on a huge vacation or at an expensive restaurant. It's usually little moments together throughout a regular day that I feel we connect. In those moments I'm emotional with the love I have for him. I'm convinced he is perfect for me in every way.