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My Hospital Bag Essentials
My Hospital Bag Essentials || A Dash of Salter || Pregnancy preparation || mama, baby, tech

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Since I've done this once already, I have a much better idea of what I want and don't want in my hospital bag. You hardly need anything for baby because they provide a lot for you at the hospital. Besides the insurance cards, ID and birth plan, I've come to realize the bag is mostly for me. I'm spoiling myself with especially soft and comfy clothes to come home in this time around.

Having my toiletries made all the difference in the world for me last time, so it's definitely on the list again. I took a shower the morning after I delivered Turner and using my own products from home made me feel like a whole new woman. Makeup is something on my list that didn't make it last time. I'm expecting more visitors this time around, so having a little makeup to freshen up will make me feel ready to introduce baby Grey to our loved ones. Oh, and I'd never forget a nursing bra, pads, and nipple cream to keep those breasts feeling 100%.

Of course you need a darling going home outfit for your fresh little angel. I'll also be packing some sweet swaddles for those hospital baby photos I plan on taking with my nice camera. Who knows if it will actually happen, but it's on my list of to do's while in the hospital since I won't have a birth photographer again. Oh, and I'm in love with this darling carseat cover from copper pearl! It's perfect for protecting baby from the outside elements on your way out of the hospital, and stylish too!

The tech will help keep Matthew and I entertained during the whole labor and recovery process. We can play music during delivery and watch Netflix or VidAngel on our laptop. Not to mention, it'll make it easy to announce on social media to all of our family and friends once he arrives. Then I can call Grammy on my iPhone and let them know when to bring Turner to meet his baby brother!

Something I didn't put on this list that I read about today is sibling gifts. I'll be bringing along a gift for Turner from "baby brother" and a gift for Grey that Turner can give to him when they meet for the first time! I'm getting so excited about that whole scene. I keep imagining it over and over in my mind. It makes me so happy!

Tomorrow morning Matthew is coming to an ultrasound for the very first time this pregnancy. I'm excited for him to meet our new doctor and see Grey wiggling around in person! We'll be discussing our birth plan, concerns, and expectations with the doctor which I'm hoping will make us both feel more involved during this delivery. I'm sure I'll be posting an update about it very soon. 

What are some of your hospital bag essentials for labor and delivery? Let me know what you can't survive without in the comments below! 


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