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"No Makeup" Makeup with Maskcara Beauty

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed with my schedule, or lack thereof. One of the things that picks me up every time is how quickly I can feel more ready with Maskcara makeup to take on whatever comes my way! During a Maskcara training webinar, Cara shared an analogy about hitting a WALL in your life and how you naturally want to wait for someone else to come give you a boost/help you over. She went on to say that we all need to be the HERO in our own lives. When you wait for some to solve your problems, or wait for a certain thing to happen to make it easier, your really just wasting time you could be climbing and overcoming. It really touched me and it was exactly what I needed to hear right now. 

I may not always remember everything, or be organized, or good at managing my time, etc; But I am learning from my mistakes and scaling walls without really realizing it. I CAN DO HARD THINGS. And so can YOU!!! Whether your momming, working, creating, struggling or all of the above. Please remember that you can overcome it. Even if it means asking for help. You can be your own Hero!!! 

Now I'm going to put some makeup on and conquer the rest of the hours of this day! I hope you enjoy this tutorial! I'm reallllyyyyy trying to post more regularly on here, because it is so therapeutic and fun for me. Let me know what other blog posts you want to see from me and I'll start planning it!

Love you all so much!! 


So my husband and I like to create things in our free time, and after being asked several times about our creations we decided to set up shop. That's when the ADOS Etsy Shop was born! - ADOS stands for A Dash of Salter - probably obvious, but thought I should say it anyway.

When I made this fox for my son before he was born, I decided it would be a good gift to give all the new and upcoming mom's in my life. After being asked multiple times if I sell them I thought, why don't I? (Hit the side arrows on the fox to see more of my animal creations) 

After a similar story of my husband and our DIY mid century coffee table, here we are! Sharing our creations with you in a custom, special, made to order way.

Follow the link in the navigation bar at the top of the page that says SHOP and give our Etsy some love! Then come back to the blog and comment with some suggestions of things you would like to see in our shop! We'd love to have your input to help us continue creating things that people love! 

I'm so excited for this new addition to A Dash of Salter and hope you like it too!
Lots of love!

Staghead Designs || Custom Wedding Bands

So some of our really good friends over at Staghead Designs needed models for some new products and collaborations, and we were lucky enough to be picked! I wanted to share a few of the images and tell you some more about their business.

Staghead Designs is a company local to Ogden, Utah that creates custom wedding bands. They make each ring individually, which means you're guaranteed a ring that's one of a kind! They use a variety of unique materials including, but not limited to, antler, turquoise, wood, copper, and mother of pearl. After they've received your custom order they start an extensive process by hand to create your custom ring exactly how you want it. To get a better idea of this incredible process watch the video on their website home page.

They're going to create a unique design for Matthew that incorporates mother of pearl to coordinate with my wedding ring. We're still brainstorming, but I can't wait to get it done! The ring featured in this shoot is the Wood Wedding Band with Antler and Turquoise by Staghead Designs, a custom gold bar necklace by Made by Mary with Love, and an Arvowear watch.

Here are a few more of their designs that I think are super rad! Take a look, and tell everyone you know about their amazing rings! Then go ahead and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for an inside peek on new designs and giveaways!  You won't regret it! Order one for yourself or your special someone by adding a product to your cart or using the contact form here to get something even more unique. Just remember to give them at least 6 weeks to complete it. 
Thanks for reading!!