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No Heat Waves with Savvy Curls Wraps!

Ever since I discovered headband curls, I've been hooked. My hair has recently been lightened which leaves it feeling extra dry and brittle. Because of this, I try to use as many no heat methods as possible to help my hair stay as healthy as possible as I grow it out. I've always wrapped my hair around a regular fabric headband while it's barely damp, because it won't curl when my hair is completely dry. And having only one band made it hard to wrap with all of the layers I recently added to my hair. Well, guess what? Savvy Curls solves both of these problems. 

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I started with dry hair, added a styling product, wrapped my hair around both bands and ended up with beautiful heat free waves after only a couple hours of dry time! Now I'm going to walk you through a step by step tutorial of how I got these waves with my Savvy Curls Convertible Wrap

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1. I started with freshly washed and dried hair. Then I added one of my favorite all natural Evolvh Ultimate Styling Lotion from the mid-shaft to ends of my hair.

2. Once I felt I had covered all of my hair with styling product, I seperated a top section of my crown to reserve it to wrap around the second band. Then I applied my Savvy Curls Wrap around my head. 

3. I started wrapping my hair around the wrap from front to back on one side, then switched to the other side. Once I had wrapped all of the ends around the band several times, I secured it with bobby pins.

4. I let down the hair I originally pulled up, and wrapped it one side at a time. Then secured the ends with bobby pins. 

5. Once I had finished, I took a break to eat some lunch and do some things around the house. Came back a couple hours later and started to take out the wrap. It's easiest if you unsnap the top band first, and then gently pull the other band off.

6. I ran my fingers through the curls to separate them slightly, Sprayed it with a little hairspray, and that was it! I had beautiful, soft, healthy waves in my hair all day long! Even my husband couldn't help but mention how beautiful it looked!

I love that this headband is specifically designed for the purpose of curling your hair. It uses the thermal heat naturally radiated from your scalp to set effortless and healthy curls in your hair! No more waiting ALL DAY for my headband curls to dry, and hello to beautiful bouncy waves in no time at all! You want one too? I don't blame you. It's your lucky day!  Savvy Curls is offering a promo code just for you, my lovely readers! Use code savvyc1 to receive $2 off of your order! 

Do your hair a favor and go get yourself one ASAP.


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*this post is sponsored by Savvy Curls. All reviews and opinions are completely my own.* 

Silky & Soft || Hot Tools Curling Iron Review

I've been on a winning streak guys. I totally entered to win this 1" Hot Tools curling iron on Hair Max Salon's Instagram account and got it! They have so many awesome giveaways almost every week! In fact, they're announcing their winner for a FREE MANICURE today! You might be able to enter still if you hurry. Follow them on Instagram, repost the photo of the well manicured hands on their feed and hashtag #hairmaxgiveawaymonday, then tag 5 friends to do the same! Even if you don't enter this one in time, the next one is bound to be just as good! 

I knew this curling iron was going to be amazing, but I didn't understand how amazing until i tried it for the first time yesterday. I didn't use any product and my curls lasted all day long! I couldn't believe how shiny and silky my hair was after using heat on it. Did I mention it has a temperature dial on the side the goes as high as 430 degrees? You're not limited to low or high anymore, you can customize it to your hair type. The on and off switch is on the opposite side of the temperature dial instead of further down the barrel so you're way less likely to turn it off on accident. I had that problem with my last curling iron and it was so frustrating! To make it even better, the barrel is 24k gold. Not only does it look gorgeous, it heats more evenly and leaves your hair looking super glossy. The cord can do a complete 360 so it doesn't become a tangled mess. I TOTALLY understand why this is the beauty industry standard and highly doubt I'll buy anything besides Hot Tools in the future. 

Two super happy thumbs up from this girl. I mean just look at those curls! Consistent, silky, and soft enough to run your fingers through. I did just that. Over and over and over again. 

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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