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Life Lately || February
Life Lately || February || ADOS


My best friend Olivia just started a YouTube channel for her beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos and so we decided to collaborate! We did a No Mirror Makeup Challenge video for her channel and a Twisted Mermaid Hair Tutorial for mine! Olivia has the most beautiful, long and thick hair and I'm obsessed with how this style turned out. We're both posting the videos on Friday, so get excited!


My new Green Good Samaritime Watch from Arvo! It's everything thing I've dreamed of in a watch and more. I wear it almost ever single day. Did you know that when you buy a Good Samaritime watch 10% will be contributed towards a social cause? Cool huh?!  By choosing the color of your Good Samaritime second hand, you are also choosing a charity that will be benefitted by your purchase! 


We went to Rooster's on 25th street in Ogden for our last fancy night out before this baby is born. We went to Wiseguys on 25th for our first date and lived nearby for the first three years of our marriage. It was nice to reminisce on how much our lives have changed over time and how we are happier than we ever could have imagined. I ordered the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and Matthew got the Sicilian Pizza. Oh! And they have the most amazing hummus appetizer that's not on the menu, but you can still ask for it! The food there is so delicious and the atmosphere is romantic and cozy. 


The Grinder is one of our new favorite shows. It's family appropriate and super funny! I can't get enough of Rob Lowe ever since he showed up in Parks and Rec. I was never a Boy Meets World fan, but Fred Savage is awesome. Is that on Netflix?? I'm making a list of shows to save for after the baby is born. That might be on the list. 


Matthew and I have been brainstorming ways to bring in a little extra income and that's how these wall hanging designs were born! I have really enjoyed creating them and can't wait to start selling them on the shop TOMORROW! The design above is just one of the five I've created. They're handwoven around a 12" brass colored steel ring and decorated with wood accents. I love how modern, minimal, and perfect they are hanging in my home. I'll be sad to see them go!


I accepted the challenge to Love Myself given by the Small Seed Blog and I have sincerely been practicing that habit. More than just loving my body, but my whole soul. I've been trying to love the things I am capable of. To love what I create and accomplish instead of criticizing myself that I'm not ________ enough. Most of all, to take a risk and not fear failure. To realize that a failed idea doesn't make me a failure. I've been working on praising myself and taking pride in my accomplishments rather than focusing on the things I haven't done. I'm so glad I took this challenge to heart, because it taught me something life changing. It taught me that I have the power to change how I perceive myself, body and soul. 

One more thing...

HAPPY LEAP YEAR! Matthew and I started a fun tradition four years ago to write a letter to each other to read the next leap year. I am so excited to read our letters and write ones to read four years from now! 


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