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Fall Favorites | From Roolee

Okay. Roolee just released their new Fall arrivals and I am SWOONING over allll the thingssss. I narrowed it down to 15 of my favorites. Each photo is linked so click it to see details and browse for more. You won't want to stop. TRUST ME. Now I want to talk about my favorite trends that are happening in fashion this fall. 


It's sticking around for Fall and I LOVE the warmth and character it adds to a dress or jacket! It also adds the most perfect feminine touch. So if you thought you had to stop wearing those embroidered beauties once summer was over, THINK AGAIN. Please, just keep wearing them! 


Fall is for soft clothing. Really though. Nothing says Fall like the coziest softest long sleeve shirt you've worn in your life. If you're afraid it will feel like the velvet of your childhood, I understand what you're feeling. It's nothing like that now!!! Just jump on that new and improved velvet train. Velvet + soft knits are definitely a must this year. 


Another blast from the past, bell sleeves are back and better than ever!! I love the flowy, feminine feel that a bell sleeve gives to an outfit. Your family and friends may say that you look like you're from the 70's. Don't fight it, rock it!! I promise you'll love the era change! 


That distressed denim is good for the soul!!!! I don't know what it is about those exposed knees, but I can't get over how ironically chic I feel in a pair of frayed, distressed skinnies! Roolee has so many amazing options in this department. I link one, but you're gonna need to see them all.


These have been a Fall necessity of mine for years, but the styles just keep getting better! I love being able to through on some booties and hit the road feeling dressed up but casual. It's my favorite combo!! These lace up ones are ALL the heart eyes, and the Free People ones are equally so! Why can't I have enough money for all the colors + styles???? #firstworldproblems

That about sums it up though, folks. Thank you so much for reading + supporting me. It means so much!! What style trends are you digging this fall?? Leave a comment below, I'd love to check them out!! 


*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.*

Comfort and Style in Vegas || Cleo Madison

I spent the first week in August in Vegas with my husband, kid free!! It was a really big deal. We attended the Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat at the Bellagio on the Las Vegas Strip. It was incredibly hot and surprisingly humid. This modest dress from Cleo Madison could not have been a more perfect choice for the climate. It's incredibly soft, breezy, flattering, and it has pockets!! It's this girl's perfect recipe for everything a dress should be. 

Cleo Madison has so many modest dress options it was difficult for me to pick just one!! They also have tops, skirts and swimwear that are darling! I'm so grateful there are people like Liz out there who decide to make stylish modest clothing more accessible. I'm so inspired by all of the women in my life who see a hole that needs to be filled and decide to do something about it. 

I of course had to pair it with my Maskcara clutch and some cute comfortable sandals. Walking the strip is not for the faint of heart, so I'm glad I came properly prepared! I know I'll be wearing this dress at least once a week. Whether it's playing with my boys, going out on errands or doing makeovers, this dress has me covered. Pun intended. ;)

I know it's been forever since I've posted something, but I've got several posts I'm working on to start posting more regularly again. Thanks for sticking around guys. I promise I'll be more consistent for you!! Outfit details are linked at the bottom of this post. 

Dress || c/o Cleo Madison
Clutch || Maskcara Beauty
Sandals || c/o Roolee 

*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own*

ROOLEE || Utah's Cutest Boutique
ROOLEE || Utah's Cutest Boutique || A Dash of Salter

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I'm obsessed with ROOLEE. I enter every giveaway and I am constantly tempted to spend all of the money I don't have on their super stylish clothing! Their storefront is located in Logan, and it was frustrating at first that it was so far away. I used to have my little sister go buy things for me since she lived nearby. I still have those fleece leggings, and they're the comfiest thing to wear in the colder months. Now that they have an online store, it's super convenient to browse their store and shipping is only $5!

I have always been obsessed with their selection, especially their dresses. When I saw these baseball tee dresses, I knew I needed one. They are the perfect dress for a mom on the go. Comfy, cute, but casual and long enough for all of the playing I do with my busy little boy. Not to mention, you can style it with so many different accessories to create new looks! 

Now, let's talk about those shoes. The Zara Wedge is so comfortable and matches with EVERYTHING. They are so amazing I only wear them for special occasions so they stay looking nice as long as possible. I was so happy to see them when they arrived in the mail. Super fast shipping and the cutest packaging! I'm all about the small details. 

Huge shout out to my little sister, Whitney, for taking these photos on a whim. It makes all of the difference to have a human behind the lens. Self timer just can't cut it quite the same. I'm obsessed with this twisted half crown hairstyle with my Babe Hair Extensions, too. I'm thinking about doing a video tutorial on it soon, so stayed posted! 

I hope you enjoy this look and the accessories I put together with it! Here are the outfit details:

Dress - c/o ROOLEE || Shoes - c/o ROOLEE || Hoodie - Target (old, but love this one) || Kimono - Hollister (old, similar here) || Vest - Rue 21 (similar)

So if you live in Utah, make sure to stop by ROOLEE boutique in Logan, and if you don't be sure to visit their online store! You won't regret it!!

Signature || Cheree || A Dash of Salter