Motivational Quote || Designed by A Dash of Salter

For any of you who are feeling unimportant in a world of comparison and competition, I want you to know, you are capable of amazing things.  

I'm constantly feeling less than I am, questioning that I can accomplish my wide eyed goals, and wondering what others think of my trying efforts. Just a few days ago I was having one of those feeling moments. Those moments where I question if the things I want to learn and accomplish are even possible. I wonder if I'll ever be worth something to this world. If I'll make a difference. 

Then I watch my son, learning and growing. He obeys a simple request, and I start to realize that my work as a mother is so important. I say work because that's EXACTLY what it is. Constantly trying your best to be an example of good habits and teach your children new things is exhausting. It's also extremely rewarding. Nothing lights my life more than when my son shows me he understands a new concept. I want to be a good mother, but I know I am also capable of more than that. 

I can obtain what I want to become and accomplish. I can do the things I love. Writing, designing, discovering, uplifting, styling, sharing, documenting. Most of all, I know I can do amazing things. I can reach the potential I have yet to realize. I can have the perspective to see past those who judge, criticize, and hold me back. I am stronger than anyones words or opinions. I can rise above my doubts and the doubts of others. 

This quote is a reminder of that. Never give up. Never lose sight of your dreams. Be you and know it's the best thing you can be. It's what I want to be. It's what I want for all of you, too! Be yourself. Believe in yourself. You are capable of unbelievable things, and no one can hold you back! So today, push a little harder. Give a little more, and work for what you want to accomplish. You deserve it.

Pick the graphic you like best, pin it, print it, use at as your iPhone wallpaper, remember that you can do it and share it with someone you love. Let's lift each other up instead of dragging each other down.