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Last week I was reminiscing about all of the photos we've had taken in the last year or so and I happened upon these maternity photos. It's hard to believe I was pregnant at one point in time, and that I gave birth to what is now an almost 18 month old little boy! (Read my birth story post here!) I never posted them on my blog because I started blogging the summer after Turner was born. (A Dash of Salter is coming up on one year, crazyyyy!) 

My sister, Malinda's Designs Photography, took these stunning photos of us at Snowbasin Resort in November of 2013. I was 33 weeks and finally felt my belly was worthy of some bump shots. We would've liked them closer to my due date, January 8th, but decided to do it before the craziness of the holidays began. I'm so glad we did.

Looking at these photos reminds me how the female body is capable of so many beautiful things. I was one of those people who adored being pregnant. I hardly complained and it helped that I didn't have much reason to. I was that annoying girl on every social media platform sharing bump pics and my ever growing anxiety of meeting our baby boy. I was overjoyed with the whole experience because I was ready for the next stage of my life. I had dreamed of being a mother since I could remember and would often answer the what I want to be when I grow up question as "a mom." I think deep inside me, even as a child, I have always known of the divinity of motherhood. Stronger now than ever before I know the divine purpose I have as a mother. The first blog post of A Dash of Salter was written because of a realization of that purpose. 

I am SO grateful for the opportunity to bear children, to fulfill a divine purpose and grow through my trials of motherhood. I am ten times improved as a person since Turner was born. I am more humble and able to grow because it is more prevalent how much I still have to learn. It has made me more patient, empathetic, kind, faithful, and selfless. It has also given me more pain, sorrow, worry and stress. Without those bad days I wouldn't fully appreciate all the good. I love the plan of happiness and that an eternal family is central to that plan. I couldn't imagine a life without them in it. 


Stay tuned for my giveaway coming up, as well as A Dash of Salter turning one! Thank you for all of the love and support of my readers and followers! You are the absolute best! 

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