Eyebrow Tutorial || My First YouTube Video

Eyebrow Tutorial || My First YouTube Video || A Dash of Salter

A friend of mine requested an eyebrow tutorial and I was super flattered! I'm not a professional, but I've tried everything and learned a LOT. I've found what works best for me and it might not work for you.

So, the best advice I could give you is to try it all until you find what works best for your eyebrows and your face! You could get professional help to spare yourself the challenges I have been through and I am still experiencing. 

Also, this is the first video I have ever done! Not going to lie, watching it for the first time was one of the most humiliating things ever! I had to prop up my iPhone which was not very flattering to my strong chin, but I did my best to make sure you could actually see my eyebrows while I did my tutorial. Don't judge me when I draw blanks, don't look at the camera and sound congested, because I was.   I was doing my very best! Haha

GUYS. This is my first YouTube video! The beginning of my YouTube channel! How exciting is that?! If you like this video, subscribe to my channel and let me know what you want to see me do next! I would love to get input, and I'm not just saying that! Advice, ideas, and input are wanted and welcome!! 


(used in the video and recommended)


The person I was talking about from How Do I Look? Her name is Jeannie Mai! She's incredible! Anyway, some of my techniques come from her videos.  

Happy hump day, everybody!!