Anniversary Series || Engagement Photos by Claire Marika

Looking at these photos makes me realize just how much we've changed in the last 4 years. Not only physical changes, my eyebrows have come a LONG way and Matthew looks like a baby, but we've both become better people in that time. We have let go of things that used to drag us down and taken on things that help us improve. We have a beautiful son who helps us focus on what is most important. So many of our dreams and goals have already been accomplished, and we keep reaching higher and higher. 

I never could have guessed then that I would be where I am now. What I did know is that Matthew was only person in the world I wanted to go through life with. My love for him has grown exponentially since then and I can't imagine my life without him. He brings out the very best in me and pushes me to do things that challenge me. I can't speak for my husband, but I hope that I do the same for him. 

The photos were taken by Claire Marika at the Saltair, the same location we had our recent family photos taken. (view them here or here) Claire was so wonderful to work with and brought so many darling crops for us including that bike, vintage quilt, orange soda and picnic basket. Although the photos seem warm and beachy, in reality it was near 40 degrees with wind chill below that I'm sure. She was a trooper to hang in there through the cold to get the shots we wanted. I highly recommend her talents to one and all. Visit her website, follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook

How does your significant other make you a better person?? Thanks for reading!