A Dash of Salter Turns One!


I usually don't post on Sundays, but today is a pretty significant day. One year ago today is when it all started. (See my first post here.) So much has changed since then! We have moved from Blogger to Squarespace, gained our own domain, are on our 3rd design, and now have an Etsy shop! 

I can't believe how much it's grown and how much I have learned. It's been such an amazing outlet for me as a stay at home mom. It's so therapeutic to write about the things I love and the things I experience. It gives me the opportunity to express my creativity and my beliefs. It helps me remember what is most important in my life.

My goal isn't to be famous, have the most views, likes, shares or tweets. All I want is to remember this time in my life, to be able to share what I love with others, and meet incredible people from around the world. 

I'm so grateful for the bloggers who have reached out to me and given me a sense of fellowship. Family and friends who have read my posts and shared their thoughts and experiences with me. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude for the people in my life who befriend, love and support me. I couldn't ask for more. This blogiversary post is also a tribute to those people. The ones behind the scenes who lift and support me in all that I do.

So, let's celebrate them! Tell the people who love and support you how much you appreciate them. Don't forget to celebrate you. Celebrate every day like it's YOUR birthday, because there are so many reasons to rejoice. (Buy my 8x10 print by clicking here or on the images below)

Last of all, happy first birthday, A Dash of Salter. You are my solitary sanctuary. The best therapy. The perfect canvas for my creative mind. A step back in time and a gauge of personal progression. An ideal outlet for all that I love and enjoy. I don't know what I would do without you.

P.S. We've been having a busier summer than I expected which keeps interfering with my giveaway plans! I'm going to try and do it very soon, so stay tuned! Hopefully the goodies will be worth the wait!