How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe | Fall 2018
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The weather is slowly transitioning to fall and it's my favorite time of the year for fashion! Transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall fabulous is easy with just a few key pieces! I've got the deets on how to make what's in your closet work for you, so keep reading! For reference I'll be listing an outline of my capsule wardrobe to help you get an idea of how to create your own! Most of the items I have, but some are similar items because what I purchased two seasons ago is no longer available but still going strong!! *hands to face, shocked white eyes emoji* That's just the beauty of simplifying your wardrobe, ladies. And it doesn't have to cost a fortune either! All images will be linked so you know where to find each item! All items are under $50! Ready??? Let's start with covering your butt. ;) 


First, you'll want to hang onto your favorite denim shorts and ankle cropped jeans. Seriously!!! They are the perfect bottoms for fall! You can pair shorts with a tee and long cardigan/kimono, or put a sweater on top to balance it out! The key is to get creative with how you layer your tops with your bottoms. Keep scrolling to see what I mean!

  • 2 pairs of bermuda shorts

  • 2 pairs of denim crops

  • 1 pair of distressed black skinny jeans


Below are some examples of tops to keep in your fall capsule wardrobe. Take notice, they are ALL short sleeve. This will make it so you don't get too hot during the day, but you can use your layering piece of choice to help warm you/change things up when things cool down a little. Pick some tops that are more lightweight and basic, and some that are a little more warm and patterned. Find fall colored stripes or a classic plaid top to give all those fall vibes!

  • 1 graphic tee

  • 1 button up blouse

  • 2 basic tees in neutral colors (I count the black/white mock neck top as a basic neutral)

  • 2 fall toned/patterned tops


These are the layering pieces I was referring to earlier. Using these will add interest and warmth to your basics! Add this kimono over a pair of shorts, graphic tee and booties for a boho vibe. Throw the midi cardigan over a mock neck top and high waisted distressed jean with a pair of mules for a modern edgy look. You can layer a neutral sweater over a collared button up with some cropped cuffed jeans and white tennis shoes for a preppy look! I'm telling you, the possibilities are endless for mixing and matching with these simple layering pieces!

  • 1 crochet/lace kimono

  • 1 neutral crew sweater

  • 1 long sweater cardigan


These pieces are so much fun to dress up or down. That's something that's so great about having simple base pieces. You can always layer them and style them in so many different ways! Pair the jumpsuit with a graphic tee and some tennis shoes or put it with a collared top, statement earrings and some mules for a more dressy look. Go sporty with your dresses by pairing them with a sweater and tennis shoes or throw on your kimono and booties. You can't go wrong, I'm telling you.

  • 1 jumpsuit

  • 2 simple dresses


I mean, did I say enough about mixing and matching basics yet? Haha these are definitely my most worn shoes styles in my closet right now. Although, I have faux leather strap slides that I've been wearing, not mules. Mules are definitely on my list to purchase for fall and these ones are so cute/affordable! Grab a few trendy accessories like these bandana scarfs and some tassel earrings to take any look to the next level! I also have a couple baseball caps and chokers that I like to switch it up with as well. Accessories and layers are where all the fun is for fall! 

  • 1 pair black booties

  • 1 pair faux leather mules/slides

  • 1 pair white tennis shoes

  • 2 bandanas for around neck/hair

  • 1+ pairs of fun fall toned earrings

  • 2 baseball caps

  • 1 choker necklace

There you go! 25 pieces total and I'm ready for fall!! Once you have the basic essential pieces for your style, you'll find yourself being more satisfied with your closet from season to season. Then all you need to add are a few layering or accessory pieces to freshen up your look! Which is overall way cheaper in the long run! Do you think you could survive the season with only 25 pieces?

Simplifying my wardrobe is one of the best things I've ever done for myself! I feel like I have way more pieces I LOVE and less pieces that I just bought because they were on sale and wanted more clothes but never wear because they don't go with anything. Ha! I have become so much more intentional about each piece and only buy something if I love it, feel comfortable in it and know I'll wear it multiple times. It's been so good for my confidence and my budget!

If you have any questions about creating your own capsule wardrobe, I'm happy to answer them! Just leave them in the comments below or send me a DM on instagram @adashofsalter!

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*This post contains affiliate links, but all are items exactly/similar to ones I have already purchased and all opinions are my own!*

Things I Have Learned Through My Miscarriage
Things I've Learned because of my Miscarriage | A Dash of Salter
  1. How long the bleeding can last

    I miscarried Mother's day weekend and the bleeding continued for six and a half more weeks. According to my multiple google searches, 2 weeks is "normal" but it may last longer than that. For me it did, and I didn't know if it was ever going to stop. After a month I stopped going into the doctor's office (more on that below), but I felt like my body was healing in it's own time. If I had been cramping or in any pain I definitely would have talked to a healthcare professional. Luckily, the bleeding stopped and I was finally able to not be constantly reminded of what I had lost.

  2. What it feels like to get weekly blood tests

    This is the reason I stopped seeing my doctor. I had my blood drawn at my first appointment where my doctor told me while looking at my ultrasound, "I don't see anything in there." I had it drawn again a couple days later and my hCG levels weren't dropping very quickly. So my doctor asked that I come in again the next week for a shot to resolve any possible ectopic pregnancy and allow them to take another blood draw. This continued for three weeks. With massive bruises on each arm and anxiety over going in again, I made the best decision for my mental and emotional health to stop getting my blood drawn. So glad I made that decision. Again, if I had been in pain at all I would have continued to seek professional help. It should also be noted that I just stopped receiving all the lab bills for those blood draws. 
  3. My grief doesn't look like someone else's, and that's okay

    I consider myself a pretty optimistic person, and so my brain often doesn't want to open up about hurt, pain, sorrow, loss. I never want to bum people out. But it doesn't mean I don't feel all of those things. Sharing a little bit about how I've felt and what I've learned from my experience is how I'm able to move forward in a positive way. Sometimes I feel like that might make me seem fake or less authentic, but everyone grieves differently. Having an optimistic perspective that my experience can help someone else is how I'm coping with my loss, and that's true to who I am right now. And however you grieve, that's okay too!!
  4. Talking about it brings out emotions and allows you to stay on top of them

    I felt burdened by what I was going through and opening up to my mom and sisters almost a month later was so healing for me. Sharing my experience here on the blog was hard for me, but also allowed me to understand just how many women go through something like what I experienced. It's given me so much understanding of how important it is to not judge others. You never know what they may be going through or what struggles they've faced in the past. I almost didn't share anything at all because I didn't want people to feel like they had to cheer me up or that I was seeking attention from my situation. But I'm glad I followed my heart felt feelings to post anyway because it's brought me closer to my family, friends, and complete strangers.  It's also brought me closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I'm so grateful for that.
  5. The grief and worry don't stop after the bleeding does

    Luckily my reproductive cycle seems to be normalizing itself four months later, but the grief and worry still occur from time to time. When I see pregnant bellies, pregnancy announcements that have the same due date month our baby would have, gender reveals, regretting flying to California while pregnant, imagining what I'd look like right now if I hadn't miscarried, anytime I think I might be pregnant again but the test is negative, not working out as hard because I think I might be pregnant, wondering what's wrong with my body, etc; You get the idea. I still think about it all the time. I don't know if I'll ever forget about it, because it's the first time I've ever had a personal experience shake me so hard. 
  6. I am not alone

    I was OVERWHELMED TO TEARS because of all of the women who had experienced something similar and reached out to me with love and understanding. It somehow broke my heart and mended it simultaneously to know so many had been where I was. Not to mention the countless empathetic, loving messages from friends, family, and strangers who were grieving with me even though they didn't know what I was feeling. THANK YOU. Every comment, thought and prayer meant so much to me and I felt so loved by all of you. I also know that my loving Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ, had their arms wrapped around me through this trial. The spirit has comforted me and reaffirmed to me that I will have the opportunity to see my angel baby again someday. 

  7. An increased love and compassion for others

    I think that sometimes heartbreak happens so more love can fit inside it before it's patched back up again. My heart has been opened and my mind is more aware of everyone who might be secretly suffering. If you're going through a miscarriage right now, I'm so sorry. No matter how common it is or how far along you were, the loss is still a loss. The pain is both physical, and emotional. The hormone levels dropping inside you still affect your mental health. See a health professional, and also listen to what you think your body needs to recover. Nothing you did caused this to happen, but from what I've experienced that doesn't stop the regret or paranoia. So just give yourself grace and time. Allow yourself to feel sad, mad, worried or guilty. Reach out to others often, when you feel like you need support. You will be surprised how many others have been through a similar struggle in silence. Please realize that you are not broken. You are strong. You are perfectly you. And you are loved. 

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Out With the Old + in With the New

Okay, I have always wanted to do a comparison of my old makeup routine to my new one and I finally gave it a shot! The results were even better than I had expected and I found myself falling in love with Maskcara all over again! I mean, just check out this before and after...


Now, the difference isn't super drastic because I was highlighting and contouring already with my old routine, BUT it took a lot of different products and lots of powders. 

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

In the photo on the right are the products I use every single day. It's all in one compact so I don't need to dig through my makeup bag anymore. Not to mention it's so pretty to look at!!! *all the heart eyes emoji* My brushes are high quality, I don't lose any bristles on my face while applying. They're all double sided and double functional. Everything in this photo is a professional, high quality product that has been thoughtfully designed by an experienced makeup artist. It hydrates my skin, doesn't make me break out, blends effortlessly and looks natural on my skin! Plus, my setting spray has 30 SPF which was a step my previous routine was missing. My husband couldn't believe the difference when I made the switch! I have a natural, dewy glow at all times, and I wouldn't want it any other way! This definitely affirmed my love for these products and I don't ever plan on going back to my old routine!!

The picture to the left is all the products I used to use before I started using Maskcara, along with a collection of super cheap makeup brushes I had already thrown in the trash. Haha! Here's the thing. These products are all drugstore, cheap products. For the most part they were working for me, but I didn't realize how terrible these foundations and powders were for my dry skin. The  foundation was too orange for my skin and the products were near impossible to blend once they were applied to my face. It made my skin look dull instead of bright and awake. My face immediately felt tight after I finished applying everything. These products were the cheapest things on the market, and the way it wore throughout the day made that obvious. I just wish I would have switched over completely years and years ago.



FullSizeRender 6.JPG

I mean, just look at the side by side!! This makeup was a total game changer in my mom routine.

I love helping other women simplify their routine to have a makeup that is affordable and gentle on the skin. It's my job to recommend the colors and products that will work best for you and your skin type. Just click the button below to fill out the questionnaire and get color matched!

Must Do, See and Eat in San Francisco || Travel Guide

Matthew surprised me with a trip to San Francisco for our wedding anniversary and we loved every second of it! I wanted to create a list of things we enjoyed doing, seeing and - most importantly - eating!! It's such a diverse city and rich with culture so be sure to add it to your bucket list!! All locations mentioned will be linked to google maps. You're welcome. ;)

Before we jump into it here's a few tips! We stayed in a darling AirBNB in Oakland, but if we could change one thing about our trip it'd be to stay in the city so we didn't have to cross the bridge every day. It took a lot of time from our day and we just didn't feel as safe as we would have liked to. There were some amazing restaurants we got to try in Oakland though, so not too mad about it! We didn't rent a car and just took an Uber or Lyft if we were tired of walking, which I would recommend because parking is crazy! Plus, they have those cameras that take pictures of the plates and mail you traffic violation tickets. No thanks! They have great scooters you can rent for $1 with an app on your phone to ride around the city and we had so much FUN doing that! Make sure to check the weather before packing to make sure your prepared! It turned out to be a LOT colder than we expected and I was so glad I brought my heavy coat with me! Okay, now that we've covered some of the basics, let's jump into the fun stuff!! 


MUST DO + See:

Fisherman's Wharf:

We loved walking around Fisherman's Wharf! There's street performers everywhere that are entertaining and a fun way to pass free time. They also have a vintage arcade called, Musée Mécanique that is CRAZY! There's lots of seafood and amazing restaurants to try as well!! This was Matthew's favorite spot of the trip. Watching the street performers do their thing. 

Ghirardelli Square:

Just down a ways from the wharf is Ghirardelli Square. You HAVE to go check it out and try some of Ghirardelli's famous ice cream creations and sample their yummy chocolate! I had the BEST rocky road ice cream in a waffle cone! I never got any pictures of the things we ate because I was too excited to eat them to think to take a picture. Hahaha! Story of my life. There are other fancy restaurants and shops, too! We saw a few street vendors at the park there and you can board the cable car to take you downtown!

Golden Gate Bridge:

Have you really been to SF if you didn't see and walk across the Golden Gate Bridge? I mean, come on!! It's even more majestic in person! I couldn't believe how massive the bridge really is!! I have a fear of heights and bridges can sometimes give me anxiety because of that, but I felt very safe the entire time! Watching the maintenance workers walking on the outside of the bridge? Not good for my anxiety. Haha! 

Baker Beach:

Another great view of the Golden Gate Bridge is from Baker Beach. WARNING: You are very likely to see nude men laying, roaming, and splashing around on this beach. Go early in the morning to avoid them if you can! Because it really is a beautiful beach and view of the bridge!

Pier 39:

This is probably the most touristy part of SF, but it's adorable none the less! Total beach carnival feels. The funnest shops, eateries, attractions and most delicious fresh fruit stand where Matthew purchased the best mango of his life. It was nearly the size of his head!!! No joke. There are also seals that come chill on the docks. They stink and they're loud, but it's still quite the spectical! Ha!

Original Cable Car:

One more time: Have you really been to SF if you didn't ride the Cable Car? We almost skipped this one and I'm SO GLAD we didn't! It's the LAST cable car of it's kind still running, in the entire world! The cables that move the cars actually run underneath the streets. It's nuts!! You can hop on it in multiple locations, but we decided to ride it from Market + Powell to Pier 39 where we had our anniversary dinner date that night!


Okay. We totally felt like we stepped into China when we got here. Try to enter through the Dragon Gate and get a picture in front of it! There are tons of shops and places to eat here. We bought some Chinese fruit cake that was...interesting. Haha!! But I love trying new things and experiencing cultures this way! Especially through their unique foods!They only accept cash there, so make sure you bring some if you want to buy trinkets and yummy food! I'll share the restaurant we tried and loved further down on this post! 

Alcatraz Island Tour:

This was HANDS DOWN my favorite part of the trip. We took a cruise ship over to the island, and as soon as we set foot on it I was completely blown away with it's beauty! The natural aging of the buildings told a story and the landscape was absolutely breathtaking!! I seriously took hundreds of photos. This isn't even all of them. We did the audio tour of the actual prison, and it was crazy to think about all of the prisoners who once lived there. I don't want to spoil any of the tour, but I'm telling you, you have to check it out!!

Mission District:

This area felt like we walked into little Mexico! Matthew and I love some good authentic Mexican food and it was everywhere! Our favorite that we tried is listed below. There's Mission Delores Park that has a stunning view of the city and a fun playground for kiddos. We also stopped to see the oldest church in SF that was built in the late 1700's, but later found out we took a picture by the big newer one next door and missed the old one completely. Haha!! If I learned one thing over and over again on this trip, it's that I have no sense of direction in unfamiliar places. 

Painted Ladies:

Am I the only one who thought Full House was filmed in one the painted ladies??? I was a little bummed to find out that wasn't the case and that it was over a mile away. Still, these houses are beautiful and we took a nap on the grass of the park across the street. Walking the streets of SF is tiring man! The architecture and character of the homes there was amazing. You really have to walk the streets to really take it all in!



La Taqueria:

Again, no photos of the food because I was starving at every stop! Haha! The burritos at this place literally made me cry tears of joy. I hadn't eaten in 6 hours and this food gave me LIFE. We didn't speak to each other until our food was gone. I wish we had the time to go back and have some tacos, but it didn't end up happening. DEFINITELY try it!


The BEST food we ate while on our trip. Our neighborhood friends ended up being there at the same time (go check out Tauri's blog post for her trip experience) and they suggested we meet up for dinner here. BOY am I glad that they did!! Fancy, tasty food in a super fun atmosphere. I savored every. single. bite. Seriously, still dreaming about it.

Tony's Pizza:

We stopped in little Italy for some legit Italian pizza. I love a good authentic margarita pizza and this one met all of my expectations! They offer some cool speciality drinks at the bar there as well. We tried a non-alcoholic mango flavored ginger beer and it was SHARP. Pretty sure I asked Matthew multiple times if there was alcohol in it because the ginger was so strong! Hahaha! 

Fog Harbor Fish House:

This is where Matthew and I had dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Matthew had a filet mignon with crab on top and I had their famous clam chowder in a bread bowl. It was all to die for!! Then we had a free dessert to share. Heavenly! The view of the bay and the company were the best part though. Best 7 years, growing older and experiencing life with this guy!!!! 

Ghirardelli Ice Cream Shop:

The day we went to the square to get some ice cream it was cold, and the line was LOOOOONG, but it was well worth the wait!! It did not let us down. If you're lucky, you can watch them make the waffle cones while you wait for your order and they'll even let you try one. I think I owe that to Matthew's charm. It's definitely one of the many perks of being married to him. 

Aunt Mary's Cafe:

Okay, so this isn't in SF. It's a darling brunch place in Oakland, and it was BY FAR the best breakfast we had while on our trip. Probably even made the top 5 overall. Seriously yummy, and original breakfast food. They also had pies that looked incredible, but I was so full from our meal we didn't get a chance to try some!


Bi-Rite Creamery: 

Ice cream, again. What can we say? We like to indulge ourselves while on vacation. Somehow the wait was extremely long here as well on an even COLDER day! It really convinced us that it was as good as people say it is. I loved the location near Mission District with this cutest little ice cream cone outside the shop! 

Hawking Bird: 

This is another Oakland eatery. Our host highly recommended trying this place out because a friend of hers who is a Michelin star chef opened it! She suggested trying the chicken fat rice, and once again it did not disappoint. That was another night I was starving and it REALLY hit the spot!

House of Nanking:

This was the super delish Chinese restaurant we picked to eat at in Chinatown! It's the tiniest little place, but has lots of charm! The staff was super accommodating and the food was awesome! I just wish we ordered more eggrolls. 

And that's a wrap! Those are some of the highlights from our trip and we 10/10 recommend them! If you end up going to SF and visiting the spots in our guide we'd love to hear what you thought! Have you been to SF and love something we missed on the list? Add it to the comments so future readers can see your recommendations, too! 

Shout out to Kristin Welker for all of the amazing recommendations she sent to us out of the goodness of her own heart! Love you, girl! 

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I Lost an Angel on Mother's Day

Contains details of a miscarriage.

Bumps Ahead | Pregnancy Announcement, miscarriage, loss, infertility, taboo

This is the photo we took on our Anniversary while in San Francisco to announce our pregnancy. We didn't know we would lose our angel upon our return, let alone on Mother's Day.

Near the end of last year, Matthew and I felt prompted to start planning for a third child. In January I was finally able to schedule an appointment with an OBGYN to get my IUD removed. In the past my pregnancies have been quickly conceived with close to no complications. February came and I had a period. March came and I had another period.

I remember having the thought that I was going to miscarry for some reason, but it had never happened before so I completely dismissed the thought.

That's when we decided to try an ovulation test kit. The beginning of April  I started peeing in a cup every day to test if I was ovulating. I kept getting negative after negative. Some faint lines, but on an ovulation test that still means negative. The end of April was drawing near and I wasn't having a period, but I still wasn't testing positive for ovulation. 

Then suddenly I got my first strong positive ovulation test on April 30th, again on May 1st, and again on the 2nd. It seemed so bizarre, but we took advantage of it anyway. Without my knowledge, Matthew did a second test from my sample cup on the 2nd. But not with an ovulation test, with a pregnancy test! That's when he told me that I was pregnant. He knelt down, announced it to me and kissed my belly in the sweetest way. I was in shock and overjoyed at the same time because we were about to go on a vacation to celebrate our anniversary! The timing couldn't have been more perfect.


I changed my period tracking app to pregnancy mode, and there was a digital image of a 5 week old fetus that appeared on the screen. I still couldn't believe it was real!

When we arrived in SF I started spotting. At first it seemed fine, like implantation bleeding, but I had a feeling something might be wrong. It stopped the next day and so I didn't worry about it very much. On our anniversary we took the 'bumps ahead' photo. What I didn't know at the time was the irony that photo would have just a week later. The women taking the photo congratulated us and they were elated by our upcoming announcement. I was starting to accept and believe that this was really happening!

We got home on the 8th, and the next morning I started bleeding again. But this time it wasn't light and it definitely didn't seem normal. I just kept bleeding. The 10th, 11th, 12th, and on Mother's Day I watched as clots and strings of blood left my body. Every time I went to the bathroom I was terrified that I would somehow see a 6+ week old fetus on the pad lining my underwear. 

Throughout the day, I felt depressed and yet comforted. As if in my mind I knew this was going to happen, but my heart still wouldn't accept it. The lessons in church were so incredibly special and applicable to me that day. I couldn't stop sobbing. 

Yesterday Matthew gave me a priesthood blessing and he said that I would be comforted through this loss. As a definite statement, not a question. I had scheduled a doctors appointment for Tuesday, so even though it felt final I held on to a fraction of hope that maybe I'd hear a little heartbeat in there, still beating. 

Today I watched the doctor do the ultrasound. The screen was dark and I saw my empty uterus. It confirmed all of my feelings and fears. To have that excitement start and end in such a short span of time. It's impossible to explain how heavy the loss felt on my heart in that moment. And yet, somehow I feel okay. I feel like God prepared my mind for this all along.


I lost an angel on Mother's Day.

I don't know why this happened. Why my husband was prompted to do a pregnancy test, and why it was over before I really accepted it. But I do know that God has a plan for me. This loss is a part of His plan and it's a part of my story now.

I'll see you again one day, my angel baby.

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